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How many lines of code does it take to support Google’s internet services?

Unlawful versus Illegal.

In the office recently we had a discussion around the two terms. In relation to a recent political decision around Brexit in the UK, Boris Johnson’s actions were said to be unlawful. What does that mean?

As the world of cybersecurity grows with new threats coming in by the day – who are the up and coming players in the industry?

Useful information availabel from the CIA on contries around the globe. Learn how your contry is seen and advice to travelling to different countries.

STAR is delighted to sponsor this years Machine Translation Summit in the Helix on 19th to 23 August.

Electronomous is one of Europe’s leading AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY EVENTS

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London City

As Brexit rapidly approaches how ready is your business to deal with it?

Brexit is a hot topic for many people at the moment so  I thought I would weigh-in on the Brexit debate with my own insights.