English to French Translation Services

STAR has been translating into French since 1984. We help our clients do more business in France and Canada by translating the mission critical business information they require. Our main office is in central Paris.

Documents: We can translate and fully publish your files in French for Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkExpress and Word. Here is how to translate an InDesign File…

Websites: For content management providers, we can work directly in HTML, XML, CSV and database formats to provide website localization. Technical translation can be done with AutoCad DXF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word, PDF, paper and even fax translations.

For WordPress we’re partners with WPML so can help you implement a smooth translation process for WordPress.

With teams based in Paris, France and Quebec in Canada, we deliver the highest quality French translations. Generate more business with our French native speakers. For customers exporting specifically to Canada, we also provide native French Canadian translation.

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Native English to French Translators

It is important that french translators work and live in their native country. French for Quebec is not the same as French for France.

There are grammatical differences in the dialect and there are also a couple of different local words too. Phrasing can change from region to region. That’s why we have teams of native speaking translators based in France and Canada. This delivers the most accurate translation for each locale.

For website translation you also need to ensure your site is encoded for the correct french language and locale. We can help you get your site just right to drive traffic from your desired customers.

Can you translate my website in French?

We work with many different website systems.

WordPress: We use the WPML Plugin to manage the tranlation process for WordPress. As WPML Partners we can hep you through the process of implementing the system and getting your translation completed and published. WPML supports hundreds of languages.

DNN: For enterprise clients using systems like DNN Evoq we can assist with the implementation of a translation system for your content.

We’ve experience with many other systems including Joomla, Drupal and more. We can even work with custom systems providing website translation and localization services.

English to French Translation Prices

We price translation on a per word basis. The average translation and profreading (TEP) price is around euro .15-16c per word. This delivers the hirghest quality. There are discounts for volume and repeat text. We recommend you send us a file for an accurate and economical quote.

We offer layout work and professional french profreading. This means the documents we deliver are ready to go once completed.

Voice Overs and Subtitling

Voice over and subtitling services help you deliver your content in a wide variety of media. We translate audio and video content into French. We’ve compiled some samples of our French voice artists here for you to listen to.

Need French to English Translation? Our English teams can help.

French Language Challenges

Variations in French:

  • Similar to English, French exhibits regional differences.
  • Pronunciation, grammar, and even terminology for food, clothing, and everyday items vary across regions.
  • Tip: Choose the appropriate French variant based on your target audience.

Text Expansion:

  • French tends to be more verbose than English.
  • Translated text often expands due to longer sentences and additional articles.
  • Tip: Allocate extra space in designs to accommodate expanded French content.

Grammar Differences:

  • French and English have distinct grammatical structures.
  • Challenges include word order, verb conjugations, and gender agreement.
  • Tip: Understand French grammar rules thoroughly.

Cultural Markers:

  • French language includes unique cultural references.
  • Handle names of holidays, idiomatic expressions, and historical context with care.
  • Tip: Research cultural markers and adapt content accordingly.

Deceptive Similarity:

  • English and French share some vocabulary.
  • Beware of false friends—words that look similar but have different meanings.
  • Example: “actuellement” means “currently” in French, not “actually.”
  • Tip: Verify word meanings to avoid misunderstandings.