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We simplify the process of translating websites, technical documentation and software. Scale internationally with quality language support from STAR.

#1 Secret to Successful Translation

The secret to great translation is to translate the key terms accurately first. Professional native translators invest time in projects to get this right at the outset – thus making translation quick and accurate. You’ll get more projects right first time, every time.

We know the files you translate are business critical to you. The high quality translations we deliver directly supports your business operations and global sales.
That’s why some of the world’s largest companies choose us as their strategic language partner.

Technical Translation Services

In specialist fields your documents must be linguistically correct and technically accurate. That’s way people choose our professional translation services. We cover industries such as Packaging Automation, Industrial Robotics and Machinery, Oil and Gas, Construction and Heavy Plant, and much more.

Engineering Translation Services

Automotive Industry Translation

60% of the world’s top 10 automotive manufacturers work with us. Learn why they choose us to translate their technical documentation.

Translation Services for the Automotive Industry

Agriculture / Agritech

We’ll help your agriculture / agritech business grow and operate internationally. We work with many of the world’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Agriculture Translation Services

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Global Business planning

Website Translation

Launch your website worldwide. We translate WordPress, Joomla, DNN Evoq and more. As a WPML partner for WordPress translation your web team can send projects directly to us for faster, tighter integration with your localization process.

Website Translation Services

Software Localization

We translate and localize software systems, protecting your code as we go. We translate a wide range of software applications including ecommerce sites, automotive software, cyber security systems software, anti-virus and malware tools for the world’s leading brands. We can work in XML, XLIFF, .RESX,  Java and many leading software file formats.

Read about Software Localization Services

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What customers say about us

“STAR gives us consistent translation quality and competitive pricing with worldwide offices to accommodate our needs.” “STAR’s ability in long, deep content is great: they translated 1,000 pages for us with no rework”

Customer – Industrial Sector

“They’re fast and reliable, a one-stop shop for us; technically skilled with the relevant sector expertise we require across the board.”

Customer – Software Industry

Website Translation That Sells

Customers prefer reading and buying from websites in their native language. Translating your website boosts sales around the globe.

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72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product from websites in their own language.

We work with WordPress, Joomla, DNN, Evoq and other content management systems. We can speak to your design teams and help them enable your site for translation for you, streamlining the entire process. Our native speakers mean you’re translation will look like it was written for your end customer.

Translating your website increases international customers and sales.

Website Translation Services

Return On Investment (ROI)

Our human translators use our professional translation memory editor,  Transit NXT. Transit is one of the world’s leading translation editing systems. Manual, Catalogs, Brochures and Websites all benefit from using translation memory. Manuals typically share a lot of common content. Transit eliminates the re-translation cost of similar sentences by managing your content for you during translation. So you get a fast turnaround time and lower cost translation.

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30% – 70% The average cost saving on projects that use Transit.

Professional Quality Language and Translation Company

STAR is NSAI Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 quality standards. So you get consistent quality results with each translation.

ISO certified companies must show:

  1. Translators:  A clearly defined process for hiring, managing and monitoring translators. Translators are audited on a regular basis.
  2. Customer Services: Translation Services Provider (TSP) relationship: A process to track and maintain good customer and translator relationships.
  3. Translation Process: A fully documented project management, translation and quality management system.