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Translation Planning

Planning translation?

To support your business, global sales and all-important ROI, you’ll need profressional translation services to translate your website, product documentation and brochures. Customers prefer information in their own language.

With 50 offices in 30 countries supporting 200+ languages – we understand the business and technical challenges delivering complex translation. The information you need is mission-critical to your international business success. We’ll help you with the technical process to ensure your media is translatable and our translators will work with you to deliver quality content, that speaks to customers in their language.

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Translation People

Website Translation

Launch your next website worldwide with STAR. We translate WordPress, Joomla, DNN Evoq, and much more. We’re a WPML partner for WordPress translation so your web team can send projects directly to us.

Website Translation Services

Cyber Security Translation and Localization

Software Localization

Translate your software to a global audience. As an example of our work, we translate cyber security systems software, anti-virus and malware protection for leading brands. Deliver your systems to a global marketplace with professional localization and translation services.

Translation For Cyber Security Systems


  • Translation Services

    Document Translation

    InDesign, FrameMaker, Word, MsOffice and more

  • Editing and Proofreading

    Professional proofreading, editing and revision services

  • Desktop Publishing

    Multilingual layout and DTP services.

  • Transcription

    Convert audio files and videos to documents for translation.

  • Transcreation and Copywriting

    Creative translation tailored for custom markets

  • Software Localization

    Powering software companies to deliver content worldwide. Programs, App, Online Systems and more. Supporting many file formats and systems.

Technical Translation - Engineers

Technical Engineering

Oil Rigs, Construction, Buildings, Machinery. If you need technical documentation translated you’re in the right place. We use professional linguists who deliver the highest quality technical documents. In specialist fields your documents must be linguistically correct and technically accurate. That’s way people choose our professional translation services.

Engineering Translation Services

Automotive Translation

Automotive Translation

60% of the world’s top 10 automotive manufacturers work with us. Learn why they choose us for their technical documentation and translation.

Translation Services for the Automotive Industry

Agricultural machinery translation

Agriculture / Agritech

We’ll help your agriculture / agritech business grow and operate internationally. We work with many of the world’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Agriculture Translation Services


We work with clients in the following industries.

  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Agriculture and Agritech
  • Automotive
  • Software including Cyber Security
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • Luxury Goods
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Energy and Raw Material
  • Rail and Transport
  • Consumer Goods, Retail and eCommerce


#1 Secret to Successful Translation

The secret to great translation is to translate the key terms accurately first. Professional native translators invest time in projects to get this right at the outset – thus making translation quick and accurate. You’ll get more projects right first time, every time.

We know the files you translate are business critical to you. The high quality translations we deliver directly supports your business operations and global sales.
That’s why some of the world’s largest companies choose us as their strategic language partner.

What our customers say about our translation agency

“STAR gives us consistent translation quality and competitive pricing with worldwide offices to accommodate our needs.” “STAR’s ability in long, deep content is great: they translated 1,000 pages for us with no rework”

Customer – Industrial Sector

“They’re fast and reliable, a one-stop shop for us; technically skilled with the relevant sector expertise we require across the board.”

Customer – Software Industry

White Paper: Faster Translation

Learn how to write documents that are easier and faster to translate.

The Buyers Guide to Translation.

Free 80 Page guide on getting the most from translation.

Translator | Female | Project Manager

Website Translation That Sells

Translating your website will grow your international customers.

41% of internet users won’t buy from a website that’s not in their language.

Customers prefer reading and buying from websites in their native language. Translating your website boosts sales around the globe.

We work with WordPress, Joomla, DNN, Evoq and many more content management systems. We can speak to your design teams and help them enable your site for translation for you, streamlining the whole process for you. Our native speakers mean you’re translation will look like it was written for your end customer.

72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.

A great website translation boosts sales.

Website Translation Services

Excellent Project Management

When you need that extra help you can reach out to our project managers directly. We’re available on the phone on +353 1 8365614

Return On Investment | How we save you money

Our human translators use our professional translation memory editor  Transit NXT. Transit is one of the world’s leading translation editing systems. Manual, Catalogs, Brochures and Websites all benefit from using translation memory. If you have similar content to be translated the system tells the translator. So you get a fast turnaround time and lower cost translation.  Manuals typically share a lot of common content. We eliminate the re-translation cost of similar sentences by managing your content for you during translation. Our language service delivers long term cost savings to all our customers.

30% – 70% The average cost saving on projects that use Transit.

See Cost Savings Grow

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

We live in an increasingly globalized world. Business success requires innovative products to be launched onto the market as soon as possible. You have multiple documents, formats, websites, marketing, product information to deliver in many languages. On top of this, you have regulatory requirements to meet as well. The correct balance of human expertise, process and technology helps you get the most of your companies information and language assets.

See how we use Transit NXT our translation memory system to Create, manage and maximize your linguistic assets. We can help you get to market quicker, in more languages and grow revenue faster. Watch Video Here On YouTube

Professional Quality Language and Translation Company

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards, means you get consistent quality results which every translation.

ISO certified companies must document and show:

  1. Translators:  A clearly defined process for hiring, managing and monitoring translators. This includes a process for hiring quality translators and training to ensure consistent output. We audit our translators on a regular basis.
  2. Customer Services: Translation Services Provider (TSP) relationship: We track and maintain good customer and translator relationships. This includes quality audits done on a regular basis. We run customer surveys and translator audits.
  3. Translation Process: We have a fully documented project management, translation and quality management system. We track every word in every project.

ISO 9001:2015 ISO17100:2015 Certified Translation and Language Serivces Logo

NSAI Certified

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We work with customers in many industries. Manufacturers such as BMW, Ferrari, and other global brands use STAR services for the quality and technical excellence we deliver.

Irish Government departments and County Councils choose us for the precision we provide for their publications.

We support over 200 target languages. This delivers language translation services that help customers grow and support their business worldwide. With fast turnaround and quality assurance to match – we’ll help you meet your global ambitions.

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