Localization Services

Translation and Software Localization Services

Is your system software ready to launch worldwide? Is your code secure and protected? Our cyber security translation services can help you launch worldwide.

We work with leading software and application development systems to ensure accurate translation and software localization for your security products.

Whether you’re developing on ASP, PHP, java or C# we can help you translate your resources to deliver your product to a global audience. We’re experienced with many software translation systems including CrowdIn. Our translation editor Transit NXT helps us translate your code, help systems, even offline brochures and maintain the structure of your code and content.

The Endpoint is Just the Start.

We know that in security the “endpoint” is just the start. We work with you to define any specific glossaries you have to ensure your brand and technical difference is carried across into each language. Our expert terminology management teams and systems helps deliver the perfect translation for you.

For most products less than 100 words make the difference in understanding it. Getting those terms translated first gives you a competitive advantage when starting to translate.

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