Localization Services

Cyber Security Translation Services

Is your system ready to launch worldwide? Our cyber security translation and localization services will help you launch your product to a global market.

We work with leading software and application development companies delivering specialist translation for their security products. We translate malware security systems and antivirus software in 40+ languages.

Whether you’re developing on ASP, PHP, Java or native assembler we can help you translate your resources to deliver your product globally. We’re experienced with many software translation systems including CrowdIn. Our translation editor Transit NXT helps us translate your code resources, help systems, even offline brochures and maintain the structure of your code and content. We translate YML, XML, XLIFF and more.

The Endpoint is Just the Start.

We know that in security the “endpoint” is just the start. We work with you to define specific glossaries for your products to ensure your brand and technical expertise is clear in every language. Our expert terminology management teams and systems helps deliver the perfect translation for you.

For most products, less than 100 words can make a difference in understanding. So getting those terms translated first gives you a competitive advantage when starting to translate.

Expert translation services for cyber security software systems:

We translate content for security, anti-malware and antivirus companies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States (USA). We’ll help you grow and protect more people worldwide.

Our human translators work on user interfaces, websites and web based applications. We have the ability to provide user testing for your translation projects to ensure they work correctly in-country.

Using the latest translation software and management system we deliver to ISO9001 and ISO17100 certified quality.

Cyber Ireland

Cyber Ireland Membership

We believe in building a secure digital place for doing business online. Cyber security threats are on the increase. That’s why we’re a member of Cyber Ireland. The cluster brings cyber security companies in Ireland together to help build the most secure systems and services possible.

In collaboration they help the industry grow faster and more securely. Preventing cyber attacks is a key value of the group.

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry internationally, for which there are a number of opportunities and challenges:

  • $248 billion worldwide cybersecurity spending by 2023

Why Ireland?

Ireland has become a significant base of international technology and security companies:

  • Top 5 worldwide security software companies are located in Ireland
  • Over 6,000 people working in the cyber security industry

Our translation services help cyber security companies deliver content and protection globally.

If you’re interested in joining the Cyber Ireland technology cluster visit their official website Cyber Ireland Membership.