STAR Translation’s ISO Quality Policy

As a company we are committed to delivering the best quality possible for all our customers.

STAR is an ISO Certified provider of translation services. We work hard to constantly listen, learn and improve processes for our customers.

ISO Quality Policy

Quality Policy, Revision 02

It is the policy of STAR Technology Solutions to consistently fulfil the requirements, and to meet, or exceed the reasonable expectations of our customers.

This is achieved by:

  • Prioritising customer service
  • Providing a high standard of products and services
  • Professionally delivered training by qualified staff
  • Utilising a formal process of setting and achieving company objectives
  • Provision of training to ensure the availability of the most up-to-date service

The Policy

It is company policy to deal efficiently and effectively with all customer concerns regarding product quality and service, and to resolve issues as far as possible to the satisfaction of its customers.

All employees of Star Technology Solutions are committed to the Quality Management System and receive the necessary training to ensure our service is delivered effectively and continuously improved upon, to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. Management is committed to providing safe and pleasant working conditions and to fostering the personal development of employees through their work.

Star Technology Solutions is fully committed to working with the customer to establish their full requirements, and delivering on those requirements. These requirements include project specific, technical, legal, certification and any other customer requirements specified therein.

The effectiveness of STAR Technology Solutions’s Quality Management System is maintained and continually improved through teamwork and the commitment of all staff. Quality objectives are established and reviewed annually — taking account of market requirements.

Paul Quigley
STAR Technology Solutions Ltd