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How to translate WordPress with WPML and STAR.

Clients using the WPML system can now send projects directly to STAR for translation, with support for over 200 languages. Having operations in 35 countries, STAR makes it easier for WordPress customers to sell around the world with STAR. The WPML integration streamlines the translation process by managing and requesting translations directly from inside your WordPress site.

The system additionally supports WooCommerce translation needs making it easier to launch global stores in your customers chosen languages.

The Integration allows you to send files easily to STAR for translation and have the translated files reloaded in a seamless end-to-end workflow.

WPML Logo Token Request

WPML Translation Plugin

Download and Install WPML

Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1 : Select STAR Translation as a vendor

In the WPML Translation Manager choose STAR Translation as your preferred localization vendor. You’ll find this option in WPML->Translation Manager->Translation Services.

We’ll send you a free authenication key to activate the service.

Step 2: Create a WPML Translation Project

Under the Translation Dashboard tab you can select the pages you want to translate. Add them to your basket, select languages and your kit is ready. Simply send the project to us.

We’ll give you a price and quote for approval and you’ll be on your way.

Step 3 : Collect Your Translation

Once translation is completed we’ll notify you. In the WPML translation manager click [Check Status and get Translations]. The files will be automatically loaded and your website translation will appear. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Need Help?

We can provide step by step instructions for you. Our team are just a phone call away if you need us.

What problems does the integration solve?

The integration that we now have between STAR and WPML allows clients to easily translate their sites, without having to worry about any technical details. Clients can choose the content to translate, send it to us, pay and get everything back ready to publish. Translation via WPML makes the process faster and easier for you.

Localization Services

Benefits of working with WPML and STAR

Protects Layout and Formatting

The translation workflow protects your pagelayout and structure. All the data is protected so your files are safely translated.

Easy Page Selection

It’s easy to select the pages you want to translate in the translation manager. Simply add the pages to your basket and send them to us.  The manager visually tracks which pages are translated and the ones that need updates for you.

Automated Sending and Receiving of Translated Files

The WPML System can send files to translation with a single click. Once click sends the current back to us and you’re on the way to having your new website. After translation you’ll be notifed files are read. All you need to do then is tell the system to “check translations and get files”. The system will collect the files, load them up and your translated site is ready.

You even have the option of automating this process entirely.

Accurate Costs

WPML has a word calculator built in so you can get an idea of the  volume of translation before you start. We use the latest translation memory systems and dicionaires for customers to ensure they quote we send you is clear and accurate. We’ll help you get the most from your translation budgets.


When you choose to translate your sites using WPML and STAR translation services, you gain the peace of mind, knowing that someone is available to handle all technical support, as well as provide great translations.

Ecommerce or Brochure sites

Using WPML, clients can build any sort of multilingual website on WordPress and you can translate content for any subject. This includes e-commerce sites, brochure sites, listing sites and more.

Language Support

We support over 200 languages with WPML – so you can reach every corner of the globe when you need to. You can start with one country and add more as you need them so the system grows with you.

Get WPML Plugin Now

How to get started…

What do you need to connect your site and start sending content for translation?

To make the integration work, you need the WPML Plugin and an API Token.

Review our WPML getting-started guide​, which explains how to use the system and our translation service.

How do I get a word count for my site?

If you need to plan your translation budget you can get a rough cost in advance of starting your project.

Start with the​ website word count​ ​tool in WPML. Get the word count, ​contact us​ and we’ll give you an estimate based on this.

The additional benefit of working with STAR is our translation memory expertise. We’re able to look at your files in even more detail once we recieve them and can offer additional cost savings to most customers.

Additional Services

  • Marketing Translation

We can translate any PDF’s or brochures you have on your site too.

  • InDesign Translation

We specialise in translation of InDesign files. We can work with your source files and return translated files ready for your website.

  • SEO Services

Our SEO team can help get your site ranking and delivering traffic from any country in the world. We can SEO your English site and the language sites.

  • User Testing

Need to know how your site works in France, Spain or Japan? With 50 global offices we can test your site in the local country and language – to make sure it works for customers in that country.

Talk to us today to create a success plan for your website.