STAR Office

Dedicated Industry Expertise

We work in several industries, employing specialist translators for each.

As a global company we support over 200 languages and many industry systems and processes. Our teams work closely in partnership with our customers to deliver a tailored solution to each customer and industry.

Industries we work in…

We provide operating manuals, websites, brochures, datasheets and much more to the following industries.

Agriculture / Agritech

We service the complete end-to-end translation process for the agriculture industry focused on quality deliverables for the manufacturers, dealership and end customer. We translate manuals, websites and brochures, so work with both your development and marketing teams.  Services for Agriculture and Agritech 


60% of the world’s leading Automotive OEM’s work with us

We translate large volume technical manuals quickly and accurately. Our experience in the automotive sector over the last 30 years means we deliver technically accurate translations


Software Translation and Localization: We work with leading software and application development companies delivering specialist translation for their security products. We translate malware systems and antivirus software in 40+ languages.


Consumer electronics is the one of the fastest growing industries today. Electronics industry translation needs to be technically accurate and customer friendly.


Specialist Engineering Services. Technical translation is one of the toughest industries: terminology can be complex and the translation must be accurate. Translators need to fully understand the industry to be able to clearly communicate engineering concepts.


Government translation services help public sector departments communicate with many nationalities in their local language, effectively, and within budget. We work with a number of public sector bodies and government departments translating policy documents, information booklets and annual reports.


STAR is one of the world’s largest providers of technical translation services. We have more than 950 specialists in over 30 countries. So we’ll help you deliver globally. We work with of the worlds leading manufacturers.