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Consumer Electronics Translation

Consumer electronics is the one of the fastest growing industries today. Electronics industry translation needs to be technically accurate and customer friendly. There is a growing demand for new technology in all areas of life and business.

With that demand comes a consumer requirement for technically accurate translations of user manuals and support documentation. Companies need to deliver those products worldwide.

High quality user documentation helps build your brand and reduce your support costs.

We’ve considerable expertise with consumer electronics translation working with many leading electronics manufacturers.

Technical Translation Services

Technically Accurate Translation

With all technology, understanding and maintaining accurate terminology is key to a successful translation. Consumer documentation has to be clear, concise and accurate.

Our translators are trained in specific industry best practices for managing terms and delivering high quality, consistent translation. We understand the pressure to deliver across the globe to demanding consumers. If you need technical datasheets, brochures, manuals or websites in any language we can help. We support over 200 languages.

Translation is completed to ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

STAR GROUP Customer references include:
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH | General Electric |  Konica Minolta | Nestlé Nespresso |  Unilever

A process of partnership to deliver success.

Getting technical translation done right means working in partnership with your translation agency. Often you need to clarify the meaning of diagrams, software strings and website text – to ensure everything is just right. Our team works closely with our customers to build the right techminology, meaning and understanding for each project.

We’ll help you build the best document creation process, and deliver world class translation to match.

We translate

  • Electronic components datasheets
  • Electronic products guides and manuals
  • Chip designs and user guides
  • Websites
  • User Documentation and product packaging

Consumer Electronic Translation Services

We act a professional partner in your document supply chain. Our translation memory system enables us to store translations for our clients ensuring consisent, technically accurate results.