Solutions for Global Business

Working in an international company requires many support services. We provide the professional language services, software and processes to help you expand globally.

Our translation work is ISO Quality Certified.

Our services include Transcreation | Copywriting | Desktop Publishing | Proofreading | Multilingual SEO | Marketing Translation | Voice Overs | Subtitling | Dubbing | OCR | Transcription | Pseudo Translation | Certified Translation | Sworn Translation | Website Testing | Alignment Services | Multilingual Terminology Management | Localization testing & Verification | Quality Assurance | Third Party Review | Multimedia Engineering & Publishing | Interpreting | App Translation and more.

Our Services

How STAR Language Services assists  international business

STAR Language Services offers a comprehensive suite of language and translation services designed to support global business expansion. Here’s how these services can benefit a company selling internationally:

  • Translation and Transcreation:
    • Accurate translation of marketing materials, product descriptions, and legal documents is crucial for reaching international audiences.
    • Transcreation goes beyond literal translation, adapting content to resonate culturally and contextually with the target market.
  • Copywriting and Proofreading:
    • Well-crafted copy is essential for effective communication. STAR provides professional copywriting services to ensure your messaging is compelling and error-free.
    • Proofreading ensures that your content is polished and free from grammatical or stylistic mistakes.
  • Multilingual SEO:
    • Optimizing your website for different languages and search engines is vital for global visibility.
    • STAR can help enhance your online presence by implementing multilingual SEO strategies.
  • Website Localization and Testing:
    • Adapting your website to local languages, cultural nuances, and user preferences is critical.
    • STAR offers website localization services, ensuring seamless navigation and user experience across different regions.
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP):
    • Consistent branding and layout are essential. STAR’s DTP services ensure that your marketing collateral maintains a professional appearance across languages.
  • Voice Overs and Subtitling:
    • For multimedia content, STAR provides voice-over services and accurate subtitling to engage global audiences.
  • Quality Assurance and Third-Party Review:
    • Rigorous quality checks guarantee high-quality translations.
    • Third-party review by industry experts ensures accuracy and cultural appropriateness.
  • App Translation and Internationalization:
    • Localize your mobile apps to cater to diverse audiences.
    • STAR assists with app translation and internationalization strategies.
  • Terminology Management and Alignment Services:
    • Consistent terminology across languages maintains brand integrity.
    • STAR manages terminology databases and aligns terminology for accurate communication.

We offer a wide range of solutions for global business expansion. From translation and localization to quality assurance and terminology management, our services empower companies to navigate international markets effectively. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, STAR’s expertise can help you connect with customers worldwide.