Software Localization Services

Often during the translation process, source files or DLLs can be corrupted, causing a nightmare for developers. What happens if a translator deletes a comma in your code, or removes a HTML or XML tag?

We solve that problem.

Specialist Expertise and Systems to translate your software applications.

  • Resource string translation
  • Pseudo translation for QA
  • UI Testing and Review
  • Source file integrity during the translation process.
  • Code, .RESX, XML, DLL, Text files and more
  • Translation in a protected environment

Software Translation – By Human Translators

Our translators are trained in various software systems and industries. With expertise in terminology management and professional translation we deliver to ISO9001 and ISo17100 Quality standards.

We have experience in Cyber Security, Automotive UI systems, Electronics, ECommerce, SaaS applications and much more.

Transit NXT resource editor

Localization Services (L10N)

With more than 50 offices worldwide, we can deliver any language you require. As software developers ourselves, we understand the needs of both developers and localization teams.

You must be able to

  • translate your product,
  • ensure that it still installs, and
  • runs properly afterwards!

Our translators work in a protected editing environment. The Transit NXT editor protects code segments and markups, allowing editing of text resources only. This means that they cannot touch your code. You et clean files ready to install and publish immediately.

We can handle a wide variety of file types including CSV, XML, HTML, DLL and RC. We can even handle source code.

If you are new to localization, drop us a line for advice. We will always try to help. Whether you need to enable advice on Unicode,  UTF8, or you just need to know how to get access to a certain file format, we are up for the challenge.

Your single source for localization services and tools

With offices around the world, we provide software localization services in over 200 languages. Whether you need to translate into French, German, Arabic or Chinese, we have the expertise and resources to assist you.

Localization Engineering Tools

STAR is a global leader in the development of translation technology for the localization industry. Transit NXT, our translation memory technology, enables our human translators access your content for translation. You can translate the content whilst protecting your code. You get clean, translated files every time.

Transit NXT Editing a brochure

Localization engineering tools deliver that quality and cost saving, by protecting your software files during translation and maximizing reuse of previous translations.

What if you could simply import your files for translation, translate them incorporating material from previous projects, and then export your translated files, confident of consistent quality results being delivered time and again? Transit NXT delivers this solution.