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Seirbhísí Aistriúcháin Béarla Gaeilge

From our Dublin city offices we translate from English to Irish and Irish to English.  Our customers include Irish government departments, public sector organizations, private companies, utility companies, web designers and advertising agencies. We are proud to work with many Irish state departments including Revenue and Social Protection. STAR is an approved member of the OGP Framework for Irish Translation.

We employ Irish national speakers with specialist translation expertise to deliver a complete solution for your Irish translation. Translators work to An Caighdeán Oifigiúil, the official language standard. Our translators are mother tongue Irish language speakers, living and working in Ireland

For customers who need to have documents check that are already in Irish we offer Irish proofreading services.

German Irish Translation and Irish to German Translation is now available for European Customers.

Certified Quality

Translation is completed to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards. ISO17100 is the highest quality standard for translation today. For specialist translation requirements, we also employ translators accredited to Fóras Na Gaeilge. We employ our own 6-step quality process that ensures the highest quality results.

Translation is proofread by a second separate proofreader and editor to ensure a STAR level of quality. The process ensures consistent high-quality Irish throughout.

Irish Dictonaries

We use our own WebTerm system to create and manage our Irish Dictionaries. This means we have the most up-to-date Irish terminology for government documents and policies. We have access to approved govenment dictionaries. We can use any specialist dictionaries or termbases you have already.

Translation services

  • Annual reports
  • Websites
  • WordPress blogs and sites
  • HSE Translation Services
  • Strategy Documents
  • Planning Notices
  • Language Act Conformance
  • German Irish Translation
  • Irish German Translation
  • English Irish Translation
  • Irish English Translation

Irish Translation Services for the Public Sector

Delivering translation for government and public sector requires the highest levels of quality and the ability to deliver large volume translation projects. We work with a number of government agencies delivering documents in the areas of pensions, welfare, immigration and health and safety.

Global Languages For Government Service

We translate documents into many languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Romanian, Russian, Polish and French covering all resident nationalities. We cover all your departments language needs. Support for 200 languages is available.

Irish translation services, STAR meets President Michael D. Higgins.
Damian Scattergood, Managing Director of STAR Translation and Marine Blet meet President Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland.

Accredited Translators

We are often asked if our native Irish translators are accredited to Fóras Na Gaeilge. We work with a number of Irish translators who are Fóras Na Gaeilge certified. We can provide this level if required.

Our translation process is ISO 9001 and ISO 17100:2015 certified. STAR focus on quality translation.

Government Translators

Our customers include government departments and commercial companies in Ireland. We translate for key government departments translating into Irish and other languages.

We translate for many county councils and boards.

HSE Translation is also a service we provide.

File Formats

We can work directly with most of the leading file formats. We regularly translate files in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign.

For website translation we work with WordPress, Joomla, DNN, Evoq and many more.  If you have a custom format we are more than happy to talk to you about the best method for translation for your process.

Is the fada important in Irish?

Yes it is.  We’re passionate about our language and often see mistakes when people either omit the fada or put it in the wrong place. Making this mistake is bad as it can often change the meaning of the word – or the entire sentence.

Here is great poster we put together that shows 49 reasons the fada important.

This is why you should use a professional translation company, that provides proofreading services.  We employ professional proofreaders just for this purpose. Translation should always be verified by at least two people.

Irish Language Resources

There are a number of free resources available for Irish translators to use. Here is the list we find the most useful. Most government communications is publish is both Irish and English.

  • Acmhainn: Terminology and General translation support
  • Achtanna: Acts of the Oireachtas, bilingual
  • Focal: Irish-English dictionary
  • Irish: Official Fóras Na Gaeilge reference site for the Irish language, training, resources et cetera
  • Abair: An Irish text-to-speech engine
  • Logainm: Official placenames database of Ireland in Irish and English
  • An Coimisinéir Teanga: Protecting Irish Language Rights. The main role of An Coimisinéir Teanga is to monitor the manner in which public bodies in Ireland follow the provisions of the Irish Language Act.  It has the power to take action to ensure that public bodies are compliant with the legislation.

If you’re lookng for advice on how to create your next Irish Project – give us a call.

Freelance Translator Jobs

Would you like to join our team of talented freelancers?

As we expand our business we are always looking for new freelance Irish translators.

Learn How to Speak Irish

Learn a few Irish phrases with our Irish Videos on YouTube. We’ve a number of fun and useful Irish words for you.

You can learn “How to say Hello” in Irish, “How to say Goodbye” and much more. Click the images below to go to our YouTube Channel.YouTube Logo

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