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Automotive Industry Translation Services

60% of the world’s leading Automotive OEM’s work with STAR.

We’re one of the worlds largest technical translation companies. We translate large volume technical manuals quickly and accurately. Our experience in the automotive sector over the last 30 years means we deliver technically accurate translations to demanding industry standards.

If you need to manage costs – our translation editor, Transit NXT, enables our translators see previous translations we’ve completed for you. So we can reuse previous technical translation in other manuals – thus managing costs. This delivers consistent high quality results.

Are your marketing and technical teams managing terms for consistent brand image whilst still maintaining technical accuracy? We’ll help you manage your terminology and ensure your documents are technically accurate and linguistically correct. Our terminology system includes the latest automotive terms and their translations for all our translators.

Our specialized automotive translation services means we can help you deliver your technical products in any language. This helps you support both your pre-market and aftermarket teams.

Automotive Translation Solutions

What services does STAR offer for the automotive industry?

  • STAR is a leader in providing translation services for the automotive sector. They specialize in translating technical manuals, user guides, marketing materials, and more. ⦁ Our expertise covers electric, petrol, and diesel vehicles, making them a trusted choice for top car brands like Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes

How does STAR handle large volume technical manuals?

  • STAR translates large volumes of technical manuals quickly and accurately. ⦁ We use our translation editor, Transit NXT, which allows translators to reuse previous translations, thus managing costs while maintaining consistent quality. We have extensive teams of human translators and combined gives us industrial strength capacity.

What role does terminology management play in automotive translation?

  • STAR helps manage terminology to ensure consistent brand image while maintaining technical accuracy. ⦁ Our specialized terminology system includes the latest automotive terms and their translations, benefiting both pre-market and aftermarket teams

How do automotive translation solutions enhance user experience?

  • Automotive translation solutions go beyond text translation. They address the need for cultural adaptation in all areas from text, voice and multimedia. In-car entertainment and guidance systems now form a key part of the users experience.

Why is safety crucial in automotive translations?

  • Safety is a top priority. Automotive translation solutions help manufacturers provide accurate instructions, warnings, and safety information in users’ preferred languages. ⦁ Compliance with local regulations and standards is also essential to reduce risks

What advancements have AI and machine learning brought to automotive translation?

  • AI-powered machine translation algorithms now provide more accurate and natural-sounding translations. New systems evolve every day. We help you decide what is appropriate for your systems and quality requirements.

Specialist Services

  • EDM / PDM systems
  • Automotive catalogues
  • Training and user manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Diagnostic manuals
  • Parts systems
  • Warranty books
  • Engine specifications
  • Electronic database files
  • Marketing brochures
  • Websites
  • DITA authoring systems
  • Technical documentation
  • AECMA SPEC 1000D
  • Electric Vehicle documentation
  • Marketing Materials

Automotive Translation Services Leadership

STAR is a leader in translation for the automotive sector. We translate for some of the worlds largest automotive OEM’s.

Automotive Expertise (Electric, Petrol, and Diesel)

Many of the world’s Top 10 car brands choose STAR.  Our clients include Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes. We understand the need for technical glossaries and industry knowledge when it comes to translating manuals, technical documentation, and websites.

Our client references in the automotive industry speak for themselves. We are trusted by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Electric Cars | Vehicle Expertise

Working with some of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers we have experience in new technology too. If you’re launching a new vehicle talk to STAR and gain from our vast automotive industry experience.

Automotive Translation and Localization Solutions

Infotainment is a key requirement of any vehicle. Our software localization teams can help you enable and translate your in-car user interfaces. We can work with many systems and advice on content generation and localization processes.

We translate system software in a variety of file formats. We work with many leading file formats including XML, CSV, .RESX and many more. Contact us for a free quote.

Faster Diagnostics with Prisma

STAR develops information management and AI systems for manufacturers. Our Prisma system enables faster engine diagnostics using intiellent information authoring and querying. Contact us to learn more how Prisma can improve your vehicle diagnostics and support.

View the video here:

Multilingual Content Authoring and Management

If you are authoring and managing content for manuals in a number of languages GRIPS can help. STAR GRIPS the content management system can help you improve productivity and reduce costs. Using the single-sourcing authoring paradigm you can build your documents from the ground up. Single sourcing greatly reduces your authoring and subsequent translation costs.

We have delivered cost reductions of between 40% – 60% to clients. Contact us today for more information on our automotive translation services and solutions.

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