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Arabic Translation

We provide English into Arabic translation services for multiple file formats.

Based in the heart of the Arab world, STAR Middle East provides high quality Arabic translation and desktop publishing services.

Arabic Translators

Arabic is spoken by approximately 300 million people living in more than 22 countries across the Middle East. We translate into Modern Standard Arabic. We help our customers communicate effectively throughout the Arab world.

Complete Documentation Cycle:

We can manage the complete document cycle for you, from translation to final layout. We work with multiple file formats including QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker, HTML, XML, AutoCAD DXF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word, Acrobat PDF, paper and even faxes.

Our Services

We have extensive automotive and technical translation expertise. Our clients include companies such as BMW, Mowag and Tag Heuer. Our translation teams are specialists in their chosen fields. This is a key factor in delivering quality translation. Read more about our technical translation services for the Automotive and Engineering industries.

For Your Information

Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic, originates from the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. It is spoken as an official language in the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Below is a table of countries, organisations and unions where Arabic is spoken (although not all of these countries use it officially).

Arabic Speaking Countries, Territories and Organisations
Algeria Bahrain Comoros
Chad Djibouti Egypt
Eritrea Iraq Israel
Jordan Kuwait Lebanon
Libya Mauritania Morocco
Oman State of Palestine Qatar
Saudi Arabia Somalia Somaliland
Sudan Syria Tunisia
UAE (United Arab Emirates) Western Sahara Yemen
African Union Arab League Organisation of the Islamic Co-operation
United Nations

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