GRIPS for Industry 4.0

GRIPS Information Management

Write Once, Publish Anywhere

GRIPS the single source content management system – Industry 4.0 ready.

GRIPS is a structured information management system that allows large volumes of information to be created and published quickly and economically. Designed for Industry 4.0 the GRIPS structured approach supports feedback from sensors and users so rapid product improvement can be implemented if required.

  • GRIPS structures and compresses technical information so that, more manuals can be produced and updated with less effort. For example, if a bolt was found to need a different torque, all components, in all products that used that bolt, can be identified and new manuals instantly produced with the new torque settings. This is done instantly for all products, saving an immense amount of manual work for you.
  • GRIPS requires 60% less effort to produce a new product. Only what is unique to the new product is specified. Everything that is common across all other products is reused. This saves costs across functions such as design, documentation, support, and maintenance /service
  • GRIPS automatically reuses content regardless of how the content is displayed (paper, web, phone, tablet, app, etc), so the same content is repeatedly and automatically repurposed
    Process-driven two-way communication between information users and information creators (authors) speedily improves content


How GRIPS helps you drive your business…

  • Produce more products in less time and cost
  • Produce personalized unique products for each customer with specific information for that product
  • Save warranty costs through statistical experience
  • Reduce service costs through sensor feedback and statistical experience


Investment and ROI returns.

  • Typical ROI of one year
  • 60% cost savings
  • less translation required


Technology integration and returns.

  • 15-year proven track record
  • 100% implementation success
  • Hosted or on-site
  • Works across multiple teams working in multiple locations in multiple languages
  • Two-way integration with other systems with industry standard interfaces: generic (e.g. XML, XSLT), domain-specific (e.g. IGES for CAD, ODX / OTX for diagnostics) and standard exchange formats (e.g. DITA, ASD S1000D, ATA)
  • GRIPS brings an object-oriented approach to information. GRIPS maps real-world entities (e.g. gear box), versions of real-world entities (e.g. gear box, 6-speed), and the operations that are performed (e.g. install, remove, service, repair)

Technical Publications

How GRIPS makes you more productive

  • The GRIPS architecture separates the data architects from the content producers. Skilled data architects are focused on the data type structures (unbox, install, configure, maintain, repair) and content producers are focused on producing content for the given data types
  • Accuracy and consistency of information produced is improved as development and production information is easy and economical to update
  • No migration costs for future media, IT technologies or working practice changes
  • Writers can work on the same product in different locations in different languages
  • Full support for 3D models

Service and Warranty

Supporting your business

  • Warranty costs are reduced. Faults are resolved based on cost of each node in the decision tree and statistical probability of that node contributing to the resolution
  • Service costs are reduced with dynamic service plans based on sensor feedback instead of crude hours or distance
  • Quality of technical information received is reliable as there is less of it and it is faster and easier to update
  • Service inclusive package costs are reduced

Authoring and Information Processing Model

GRIPS authoring model

More Information

If you would like to learn more about which version of GRIPS is right for your business, or you would like to purchase GRIPS, simply contact us and a member of our technology team will follow up with you directly.