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Country | RegionSpoken LanguageTranslated Language
Mainland ChinaMandarinSimplified Chinese
TaiwanMandarinTraditional Chinese
Hong KongCantoneseTraditional Chinese
SingaporeMandarinSimplified Chinese

Chinese Translators

STAR has extensive experience in Chinese translation. We have offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei. Our teams will translate your manuals, websites and marketing material to assist your international sales force in China and Taiwan. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certified.

If you are looking for professional Chinese translation services, we can deliver quality results for you. We deliver Chinese translations into virtually any file format. Our teams are experts in QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker, HTML, XML, AutoCAD DXF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word, PDF, paper and fax translations.

Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese?

Did you know that there is more than one Chinese dialect? Which one do you need for your business?

We are often asked for Mandarin translation or Cantonese translation; however, the official spoken languages in the Republic of China (Taiwan, capital: Taipei) and the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) is referred to as Mandarin Chinese.

Which version of Chinese do you need?

The term Mandarin only refers to standard spoken Chinese, which is basically the same and mutually understandable in Taiwan and Mainland China. Although, there are different scripts used in different areas of Greater China.

Traditional Chinese is the script used in Taiwan and Hong Kong, whereas Mainland China and Singapore use Simplified Chinese.

Chinese Fonts

Chinese languages are written using Han ideographs. If you are developing a product for the Chinese market, you need to decide the best font to use in your documents. As a general rule, we recommend using SimSun. This is a variant on the Arial font and is unicode compliant.

Chinese Web design, Chinese translation services

What is the best Chinese font to use on your website?

Download our free e-book on Top 10 Tips for Chinese Web Design for the answer and other interesting tips. Written by our team, this e-book will help make your next Chinese website project a success.

We are often asked by customers if we can advise them on sourcing products from China; we’ve written an article on the subject of sourcing from China on our blog.

What is Simplified Chinese?

Simplified Chinese is the written form of Chinese used in Mainland China and Singapore.

The simplified character set has been used by the People’s Republic of China since about 1950. The set was derived from the more difficult traditional Chinese characters and it reduced complexity and number of strokes in order to improve literacy in the country.

There are over 50,000 characters in the chinese alphabet. The average person needs to understand between 2000 and 3000 symbols to be able to read the daily newspaper.

What is Traditional Chinese?

Traditional Chinese is the written form of Chinese used in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The traditional Chinese characters date back more than 3,000 years – in their early form, they were used 1200 B.C. and evolved over the centuries into their modern representations which have been used, more or less unchanged, for 2000 years.

What is Unicode?

Unicode was developed to enable computer systems to display international character sets such as Chinese. Unicode is the best coding system for displaying international character sets in most languages. System such as Adobe InDesign have adopted this for example to enable production of multilingual documents.

Chinese Advertising Legal Compliance

Did you know that Chinese Advertising Law forbids the use of certain words? It bans a number of superlatives in general.

Our teams can review your marketing and sales material to advise on how best to meet the legal standards.

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