Health and Safety Handbook Translation Services

Translation Services for Human Resources

Provide a safe place to work for all your employees.

Regardless of where you work in the world, safety legislation needs to be understood by all employees. We help make the workplace safer by providing the translation services you require to communicate health and safety information effectively in every language.

health and safety handbook translation

Translation services:

  • General business documents
  • Health and Safety documents
  • Technical documents and manual translation
  • Employee contracts
  • Websites (XML, HTML and CMS)
  • Legal: documents and contracts
  • Medical: patient and clinical documents

Quality Translation for Health and Safety

We translate health and safety documentation into languages such as Polish, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian; specifically for the Irish and UK labor markets. We help HR departments deliver safety documentation to all their workers to ensure a safe place to work.

Contact us today for health and safety handbook translation. We are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Safety Awareness

If you employ foreign nationals you should be aware of the legislation around supplying adequate contract and employee information in their native language. We recommend that you visit the sites below for the most up-to-date legal information. The following Web links are external links to other websites where you’ll find the relevant information on health and safety issues.

Note: STAR provides links to external sites for reference only. We are not responsible for any external content or implications that may arise from their use.