Crowdin Localization Services

Work exclusively with an experienced translation agency with Crowdin. STAR has extensive experience localizing applications and software systems with Crowdin. With 200 languages across a team in 50 countries – we’ll get your application to the world.

Streamline your translation and localization process. We’ll help you bring all your data under one roof; to deliver the highest quality and make your localization process efficient.

Localization Services

Agile localization solution for tech companies

If you’re using Crowdin for your localization solutions then STAR is the ideal partner to work with. We regularly translate Crowdin projects for tech companies into over 40 languages. Whether you’re a cybersecurity superstar or the next big tech startup – we’re here to help you along the way.

With 30 years experience in translation and software localization, we’ll help you through the steps, the pitfalls and the successes.

All of your multilingual content in one place

Crowdin brings people, content, and technology together. It allows you to streamline the localization process and keep your workflow agile.

With 50 global offices STAR can work on all your languages simultaneously. Your product will ship faster to market giving you the scalability you need to grow your business. Using STAR you can bring all your resources under one roof. This streamlines the localization of your product’s user interface, website, marketing, and support content with Crowdin and STAR translation services. We provide software localization in many languages for clients around the globe.

STAR Crowdin Localization Services helps our clients translate in parallel and ship faster. If you need a reliable, global partner that can scale with your business we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

We translate into over 200 languages.

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Simplified Translation Process

The Crowdin translation process is straightfoward.  Your team can manage the translation internally and send us offline files for translation. Alternatively our teams can login directly to Crowdin for you and manage the entire end-to-end localization process for you.

Crowdin files integrate with STAR’s workflow and translation memory system Transit NXT – so you get the best of both technologies combined.  Both systems work with XLIFF. XLIFF is the recommended file format for localization. Once you have the XLIFF files downloaded we can professionally translate them and you simply upload the XLIFF translations when completed. It’s that simple.

Crowdin Localization Services

Translating an application using the Crowdin Localization system. XLIFF export.