French voice-over samples

Audio and video are amazing ways to impress your customers and has lasting effects. Let our professional team of voice-over actors help you deliver your next project in the French language with quality voice-over services and translation.

French Sample Files

We’ve compiled some samples of our French voice artists here for you to listen to. When choosing a voice artist it is useful to listen to a few to get an idea of style and tone. We can provide voice-over files in a number of formats and specifications.

Other voice-over samples:

French Voice-over Samples

Female Voices

Listen to voice :vo_ap12_fr
A very professional voice, alluring smooth, informative, fun and sensual for various types of voice-overs.

Listen to voice :vo_sg96_fr
Versatile, dynamic, energetic, calm and soothing

Listen to voice :vo_hs24_fr
Smiling and warm voice but can also be serious, sexy, childish or delirious

Male Voices

Listen to voice :vo_cc53_fr
Smooth and sensual, fresh and dynamic or precise and clear

Listen to voice :vo_td11_fr
Medium deep, warm.

Listen to voice :vo_oj72_fr
Medium, natural, confident, energetic, fresh, happy, smiling, funny and cool

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