Spanish Voice-over Samples for Digital Marketing Projects

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Audio samples in the Spanish language.

Spanish voice-over samples

Audio and video is an amazing way to impress your customers and it has lasting effects. Make a strong impact: let our professional team of voice-over actors bring quality voice-over and translation to your next project in the Spanish language.

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Spanish Voice Samples

Female Voices

Voice : vo_cc29_es
Deep, warm and nearby — sexy, smooth or fun — variety of age ranges


Voice : vo_vt67_es
A classy and surprisingly versatile voice: warm, sensual, fun, smooth, young, upbeat, mature and childlike


Voice : vo_pg14_es
A warm, friendly and versatile voice — sexy, expressive, smooth and emotional — ideal for storytelling — energetic and compelling for corporate or sales narrative


Male Voices

Voice : vo_er27_es
Warm and deep for narration — sexy and fun for commercials — smooth and professional for presentations


Voice : vo_dl24_es
Medium, middle-aged and senior recordings with different tones and registry of voice such as serious, funny, strong, institutional, commercial, hard, nice and pleasant


Voice : vo_as63_es
outhful but deep — warm for narration — fun for commercials — smooth and sexy if necessary


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