Italian Voice-over Samples for Digital Marketing Projects

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Italian voice-over samples

Video is an amazing way to impress your customers and it has lasting effects. Adding a voice-over to your videos means you can use the same video in another market to gain new customers. Let our professional team of voice-over actors help you with your next project in the Italian language with quality voice-over and translation.

Voice-over samples:

Voice-over samples:

Italian Voice-over Samples

Female Voice
vo_bm75_itFriendly young and smiling voice
vo_ap10_itEndearing full range voice from a warm sound to a high tone
vo_sm82_itCheerful and creative for commercials — intelligent, detached and professional for presentations — versatile, natural, soft sell and no nonsense
Male Voice
vo_gn80_itExtremely versatile and professional voice — warm, deep, rich, soft, sensual, stylish & commercial
vo_db33_itWarm and almost deep for narrations — serious for commercials — smooth and professional for presentations
vo_md71_itYoung and middle aged, cool, fresh and with a smiling voice

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