Microphone - voice

Audio and video are great tools to impress your customers and have lasting effects on potential customers. Let our professional team of actors help you deliver your next project in the German language with quality voice-overs and translation.

German Sample Files

Picking the right professional voice for your project is important so we’ve given you some samples of our team here to listen to. Check out the style, tone and personality of the different people to get a feel for what type of voice over you require.

We can provide voice-over files in a number of formats and specifications.

Other language samples:

German Voice-over Samples

Female Voice
vo_ks11_de | Clean, warm and convincing voice

vo_dk57_de | Confident, professional, corporate and sophisticated also velvet, elegant, pleasant, friendly, sincere, warm, knowledgeable, compassionate, believable, playful and informative

Warm and friendly, fresh and stylish, corporate and tutorial or sensual and singing voice

Male Voice

vo_vp22_de | Full warm versatile voice for TV, multimedia, commercials — from charming to authoritative

vo_cb52_de | Friendly but convincing, serious and deep but not too deep

vo_ah35_de | A deep, warm and charming sounding voice that may be altered flexible to many different types