Russian Voice-over Samples for Digital Marketing Projects

Audio samples in Russian.

Russian voice-over samples

Video is an amazing way to impress your customers and has lasting effects. Make a strong impact: let our professional team of voice-over actors bring quality voice-over and translation to your next project in the Russian language.

Russian Voice-over Samples

Female Voice
vo_mp18_ruSoft and friendly voice — experienced voice-over artist
vo_na23_ruNatural, mellow, confident and persuasive
vo_tg22_ruClear, educated and neutral accent — a well-articulated, fluid, warm, energetic and young voice
Male Voice
vo_an22_ruReal, dynamic, energetic and precise
vo_an11_ruDeep, strong, powerful, a hard sell yet calm
vo_lz11_ruA warm, familiar and clear voice for commercials, radio and presentations

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