What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator

A crocodile is the name we use to talk about a family of crocodilians such as the Nile crocodile, Caiman etc.

What is the difference…?


Crocodiles are predatory reptiles that live in the tropical regions of the world; their heads are thin and pointed, their legs short and they have long tails.


Alligators come from the crocodilian family alligatoridae, which inhabit mainly Mexico, the United States and China. Alligators are large semiaquatic reptiles similar to crocodiles except that they have broader and shorter heads.

All alligators are crocodilian, but not all crocodilians are alligators!

When we use the word crocodile, we really mean to say crocodilian. There are three main families of crocodilian and twenty-three species of them.

Does the photo above feature an crocodile or an alligator?

Wikipedia has more info on the Alligatoridae family and on the Crocodilia family.

Answer: Alligator