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What’s the difference between Unlawful and Illegal?

Unlawful versus Illegal.In the office recently we had a discussion around the two terms. In relation to a recent political decision around Brexit in the UK, Boris Johnson's actions were said to be unlawful. What does that mean?

Can you work this out?

Here's a quick puzzle for you to test your English. Can you work…
Super Woman

English Superhero’s Spelling Quiz

The STAR Team Like The Quiz? Share it with your friends…
Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th — a little knowledge to quell the fear

Black cats are synonymous with superstitions on Friday the 13th…
What is a googol?

World’s Largest Named Number

World's Largest Named Number: Googol Sometime in the 1930s,…
The Origins of POSH

Posh Beginnings

La-Di-Da! The word posh has been in use in modern English…
The Magic E in English spelling.

Magic E: Silent but Useful

English spelling rule: The Magic E. Better English: The Magic…
Letter Q in spelling
New words enter OED, 2015

OED Unveils 500 New Words in English

OED, New Words in English Language The OED, otherwise known…
Arrow pointing at the dots over both i and j, known as tittle

Just a Tittle

Just a tittle Just a Tittle Bit For every jot and tittle in…