Adobe Indesign

InDesign Translation Services

Adobe InDesign is the world leader in multilingual document creation. If you’re designing manuals, brochures, datasheets or flyers it has the power and flexibility to deliver stunning results.

InDesign is enabled to support global fonts and text direction and is ideal for international publications.

If you need an InDesign translator then your in the right place. We’ve extensive experience with InDesign. We translate InDesign Documents on a daily basis into every language you can imagine. We work in European languages such as French, German and Italian to more complex script languages like Arabic, Thai, Chinese and Korean.

Our teams work with many versions of InDesign. we work with Creative Suite, and Desktop versions of InDesign. It you’re not sure about the version you have ask our team. We’ll tell you the best process to have it translated.

Document Structure Protection

Our InDesign translation workflow enables us to work with your InDesign files and protect your document layouts and structures. What you get back is an exact copy of what you send us in the new language. We can even deliver print-ready PDF formats to you if you need them.

We work directly with .IDML files removing any cut and paste work for you.

Our editing system Transit NXT enables our translators to work directly on IDML whilst protecting the document format and structure.

Desktop Publishing Services for Adobe InDesign

Following translation and proofreading, we can perform the final layout and desktop publishing for you. Translation typically is longer in other languages so your layout will require some adjustments and fixes after translation. Our teams can perform the post-translation desktop publishing (DTP) for you on either Mac or PC. We’ve experienced teams in language such as Arabic so you know you’ll get clean ready to go files.

Outline fonts: If you need outlined images or fonts we can produce them for your printers.

InDesign Translation and Language Support

With 50 global offices, we support over 200 languages.  We can guide you through the process and give you best practice advice as well on how best to prepare your documents for translation.