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Transit NXT

To translate a document using Transit, you must first create a project. A wizard helps you to do this by guiding you step-by-step through the functions so you cannot forget any settings.

Transit NXT

If the language pair is open, the text appears in the editor window in two panes – green for the source language and red for the target language.

Transit NXT

For particular file types, Transit offers static or dynamic viewers. Those viewers can display the document text you are translating in the Transit editor in the original layout.

Transit NXT

Dual Fuzzy A Dual Fuzzy search on your translation memory gives you more choice and reference. You can search in both source and target segments across your project – seeing how and where terms have been used before and in different contexts. This can improve your understanding of key terms and ensure consistent translation. 1. […]

The latest version of STAR Transit integrates with a number of Machine Translation Systems. Here’s how to make your translation faster.

Transit NXT Editing a brochure

Transit NXT is STAR’s translation memory system for professional translators. Crammed with features and benefits for you – it can make you more productive and profitable with its state of the art translation editor and tools. This video shows how Transit can help you create a project, built and use dictionaries and check your translation quality.

Windows 10 and Transit NXT
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New languages supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9 include Tajik, Pashto, Dari, Maori (NZ), Breton, Corsican, American Spanish and International Spanish.