The Transit category features blogs related to STAR’s Transit NXT translation memory software. Find useful information on troubleshooting and the latest updates here.

What is a Dual Fuzzy? Better Translation Memory Matches

Dual Fuzzy A Dual Fuzzy search on your translation memory gives you more choice and reference. You can search in both source and target segments across your project – seeing how and where terms have been used before and in different contexts. This can improve your understanding of key terms and ensure consistent translation. 1. […]

Using Machine Translation with STAR Transit

The latest version of STAR Transit integrates with a number of Machine Translation Systems. Here’s how to make your translation faster.

New Languages Supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9

New languages supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9 include Tajik, Pashto, Dari, Maori (NZ), Breton, Corsican, American Spanish and International Spanish.