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Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 shortlist

Shortlisted, Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016

Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016 shortlist
Shortlisted in two corporate categories: B2B and Current Affairs.

Shortlisted in Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016

We are thrilled to announce that our corporate blog is shortlisted in the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016.

Our blog is in two corporate categories this year: B2B and Current Affairs.

Voting is open to the public and we hope our readers will consider voting for us before voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 23rd August.

Follow Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards on Twitter or use the event’s hashtag: #LWIBloggies2016.

Thanks to Littlewoods Ireland for sponsoring this year’s event.

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UFC Logo

Conor McGregor UFC Win, Lost in Translation

UFC Logo, Conor McGregor UFC Win, Lost in Translation

Conor McGregor UFC Win

Immediately after being knocked out within 13 seconds of the UFC 194’s main event, José Aldo’s comments post-fight were met with booing from the packed MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas.

Being a Brazilian national, an interpreter was brought in to translate Aldo’s remarks on the fight. The former champion was quoted

We need a rematch, it was not a fight.

The interviewer at the fight — a stand-up comedian — Joe Rogan took to Twitter to apologise for the confusion and the mistranslation of Aldo’s words. Many people did wonder however, how could Aldo’s long speech post-match [in Portuguese] be easily translated into only nine words!

The Real Translation

A Portuguese-speaking Reddit user, RandyLiddell translated what he heard José Aldo say…

Rogan: How much, if anything, of the fight can you remember?
Aldo: He threw a jab on my chest, I was already expecting that. When I went to attack him he hit me with a good cross and there is where he got me. I believe that after this fight we have to go for a rematch, is not done yet. He got me with a good shot and was able to finish the fight.

Rogan: How much did all the taunting affected you?
Aldo: It didn’t affect me in anything. Whatever he said it doesn’t matter, I don’t fall for provocations. My mind is always calm inside there, I try to just get in there and do my job. He was happy today, caught me with a good blow. I think we have to move on now and now I am waiting for a rematch, and God willing, next time I will be back much better trained and recover what is mine.

Perhaps the translator can be excused as it was a loud arena with little time to interpret everything Aldo had said.

Did you watch the fight?

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Graham O'Mahony, Blogger and Web Designer
Web Designer and Blogger
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Language Lovers Nominations 2015

Language Lovers Nominations 2015

We’ve been nominated in the Top Language Lovers 2015 Awards

Language Lovers Nominations 2015, STAR on Twitter

It’s time to vote for your favourite language lovers nominations of 2015.

The guys at Lexiophiles, powered by have nominated our Twitter account under the category of Language Twitter account: tweeters who share content about languages. We’re thrilled to be nominated this year but we need your help to make it to the voting phase of the awards. (Language Lovers Nominations)

Nominate your Favourite Language Lover!

We’ll share the link when it’s time to vote (26th May to 14th June) for your Favourite Language Lover of 2015!

About Lexiophiles’ Top 100 Awards

The awards are brought to you by Lexiophiles with their yearly Top Language Lovers.

It was first established in 2008 to award the 100 best blogs for languages, but the competition has grown a lot and there are now five categories:

  • Language Learning Blogs
  • Language Professional Blogs
  • Language Facebook Pages
  • Language Twitter accounts
  • Language YouTube channels

The STAR Team

And the Nominees are…

Top Language Lovers 2014 competition

Nominees for Top 100 Language Lovers 2014

STAR Dublin has been recently nominated in two categories as part of the ‘Top 100 Language Lovers 2014’ competition. A competition hosted by the language portal and the Lexiophiles Language blog. We have been nominated for similar awards in the past. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to be nominated as always.

The first category is Language Professionals’ Blogs where we have been placed among thousands of participants. The second category in which we have also been nominated is Language Twitter account. This year’s [competition] is the seventh edition. The voting has already begun and you can cast your votes now.

We won’t get upset if you don’t vote for us! and Lexiophiles are looking for the best 100 language lovers; there are a total of five categories. They are:

  • Language learning blogs
  • Language professionals’ blogs
  • Language Twitter accounts
  • Language Facebook pages
  • Language YouTube channels

Out of these five social media categories, everybody can vote for their chosen “language lovers”. The voting phase starts from the 20th of May through the 9th of June 2014. Once all votes have been cast, the final tally consists of Lexiophiles’ ranking criteria (50%) and users’ votes (50%). The winners will be announced on the 12th of June 2014.

Voting is simple. Use the buttons below to direct you to the polls in either category.

Vote the Top 100 Language Professional Blogs 2014

Vote for us in the Language professionals’ blog category!

Vote the Top 100 Language Twitterer 2014

Vote for us in the Language Twitter account category!

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World Cup 2014 Match Calendar

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is the 20th year of the World Cup organized by FIFA. And this year it will taking place in Brazil. It will be the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the previous being in 1950.

Along with the host country, all-world championship teams, since 1930, have qualified for this competition: Uruguay, Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France and Spain. It’s also the first international competition for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The draw for the eight groups of four teams from the first round was completed on the 6th of December in 2013 in Costa do Sauípe. Brazil will open the competition against Croatia on the 12th of June in 2014 at the Arena Corinthians in São Paulo. The final will take place on the 13th of July at the Maracanã Stadium, officially known as Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, in Rio de Janeiro.

Catch every match by downloading our Free 2014 World Cup Calendar

World Cup Match Calendar 2014

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Google Chrome’s Hidden Easter Egg Tricks

Did you know that your Google Chrome browser contains a number of fun tricks, games and hidden gems?

In IT, it’s fairly common for software developers to leave a few little hidden gems in their code.

Discover Google Chrome’s Hidden Easter Egg Tricks

All you need to do is go to using your Google Chrome browser and try the following examples.

Fun Stuff

  1. Search for tilt or askew in Google — your screen display will actually tilt
  2. Search do a barrel roll or z or r twice and your screen will rotate by 360 degrees

Tilt, Google Chrome's hidden Easter Egg tricks


There are a couple of games hidden in your Google browser (make sure to use Chrome!)

  1. Search for Zerg Rush and a game starts with coloured Os attacking your search results. Click on them with your mouse to destroy them!
  2. Search for Atari Breakout in Google Images — you get the old 80’s game — way cool!

Atari Breakout, Google trick

Silly Stuff

  1. Search for any actor’s name followed by bacon number to get the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon value
  2. Search the answer to life, the universe and everything, for Douglas Adams fans

Bacon Number, Google trick

IT Jokes

Stuff that IT people will find amusing.

  1. Searching for recursion — Google asks if the user meant recursion!
  2. Search for binary, octal, or hexadecimal — Google converts the number of results to binary, octal, or hexadecimal, respectively

Recursion, Google trick

There are many other Easter Eggs and jokes in Google products.

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Last updated: 26th of November 2015

How Twitter influenced the vote on Seanad abolition

Illustration of a woman using a smartphone, Seanad aboliton
User engagement / Stock photo

Twitter and the Seanad Abolition

A week ago, a referendum was held in order to decide whether to abolish the Seanad. That kind of decision is normally the subject of controversial discussions, and especially online where people can express their opinions openly.

That’s why Edelman Digital in Dublin gleaned through the Twitter traffic to see what was being said during this time on the run up to the voting.

Their study showed that it was mainly during the weekend of polling that conversations were very intense: 13,136 conversations online with 94pc of these on Twitter.

The most interesting part of the study was the key online influencers. In fact, it showed that out of 41 Irish senators on Twitter, the active accounts were dominated by Labour and Independent.

For example, Senator David Norris was the most retweeted when he tweeted that he would simply vote no: 213 retweets in total.

The top ten tweeters were…

  • Jillian Van Turnhout, Independent: 4,631 followers
  • David Norris, Independent: 28,041 followers
  • Fiach Mac Conghail, Independent: 8,167 followers
  • John Crown, Independent; 9,302 followers
  • Fidelma Healy Eames, Fine Gael; 2,409 followers
  • Susan O’Keefe, Labour: 2,265 followers
  • Ivana Bacik, Labour: 10,479 followers
  • Kathryn Reilly, Sinn Fein: 2,012 followers
  • John Gilroy, Labour: 1,643 followers
  • Averil Power, Fianna Fail: 3,646 followers

Senators were very engaged on Twitter, posting tweets several times a day or per hour. That’s why they have greater influence unlike the senators who publish tweets weekly only.

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How do you say good morning in your language?

Say ‘good morning’ in your language

Today we have a different style of post; this time we turn the tables on you. Readers! How do you say good morning in your language?

Conlangers are also invited to this one, even the Klingons!

Good Morning = Guten Morgen.

How do you say good morning in your language?

Join us … share the tweet with your friends and tell us how to say good morning in your language.

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Blog Awards Ireland 2013, Nominated

Blog Awards Ireland 2013, nomination 2013

Nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland 2013

Thanks to all our readers this year. We’re delighted to tell you we’ve been nominated again this year for the Irish Blog Awards.

The Blog Awards Ireland take place every year, celebrating all the cool blogging in Ireland. This competition is divided into 30 blog categories. Our blog is nominated for the Best Blog of an SME Business category.

Two important deadlines:

  • The 8th of September is the first date when we will discover the shortlist of 30 SMEs
  • The best blogger will be awarded on the 12th of October at the Osprey Hotel in Naas

We wish all the other entrants in the various categories the best of luck and may the best blog win!

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Ar Skype a Chéile Clár Nua do TG4

Ar Skype a Cheile
Ar Skype a Chéile / STAR Translation Imaging

Here’s an interesting release that came into us today, so we’d like to let all our Irish translators and readers know about it.

TG4 presenters Áine Goggins and Tomaí Ó Conghaile take separate journeys around Ireland to see just how dependent we are on social media to make things happen. Each week they are given a task which they have to perform within 48 hours. Áine will harness the power of technology and social media to make new friends, create networks and entice people out to help her. Tomaí will not. He will do it the old-fashioned way: meeting people in pubs, clubs and parish halls, using phone boxes and post offices, and sticking the thumb out for a lift along the way. Neither person can simply rely on their mobiles to make calls.

Ar Skype a Chéile is a play on the words of an Irish proverb, Ar Scath a Chéile, which means that with support from each other, we survive. But can Áine really survive in the real world and organise a speed dating night for example without asking for help in the traditional way? Can she muster enough social media friends to come out and support her endeavours in local communities and can Tomaí really mobilise people and make things happen without the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc?

This is a fun based series with both individuals pitched against each other against the clock as they try to make an impact in local areas. The entertaining results will tell us a lot about where we are as a society and whether our love affair with the internet can make a difference practically.

In the first episode, Tomaí is given 48 hours to organise a traditional cross roads céilí in rural Kerry, while Áine has to get as many online friends as possible to come along to a traditional Irish dance flash mob in a Donegal supermarket.

The six part series produced by Tobar Productions will be broadcast on TG4 in the Autumn, and is supported by the Irish Language Television Production Fund.

Follow the hashtag #Ar Skype A Cheile on Twitter.

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