Sockie Awards 2012

If you were tweeting around Dublin last night, you would have seen the Sockies hashtag trending.

This is the hashtag for the Social Media Awards 2012. As finalists, we attended the grand ceremony last night at the Mansion House. We were up against OMG Jedward’s Dream Factory on TRTÉ, @Lokofotodotcom, Saint Patrick’s Day and Captain Morgan — Dare the Captain! for the Best PR Campaign.

As you can imagine, the competition was tough. We lost against Jedward. It is not really losing, is it? No matter what the result, we were really delighted to hear “And the nominees are: STAR Translation and Jedward!”

You could just about hear our name amongst the cheers for the nominees as they came up on the big screen.

This is our first time being a finalist in such an event. We enjoyed every moment of it. Plus we got to chat with the other nominees.

It was great to meet our competitors, customers and partners. We also met blogger Amanda from; the event organizer, Damien Mulley and the famous Rick O’Shea and many other hosts.