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A Welsh sign translation error was the ultimate faux pas for a council in Swansea. The translation was for a residential area prohibiting heavy vehicles.

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Wise, Old Irish Sayings

We’ve compiled a list of popular old Irish sayings to help you learn more Irish.


The World’s Smallest Book On English – This should give you some good excuses to spice up your next conversation.

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A Conlanger is a person who creates languages (Con-Language= constructed language)

Are you familiar with “Game of Thrones” and its languages Dothraki and Valyrian?

Learn to count in Russian. Basic everyday phrases for Russian beginners.

It is Papua New Guinea. It’s a country of only 462,840 square kilometers with a population of just over seven million. Despite its small size, it has an incredible linguistic diversity with 820 languages ​​spoken.

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New languages supported in Transit NXT Service Pack 9 include Tajik, Pashto, Dari, Maori (NZ), Breton, Corsican, American Spanish and International Spanish.