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Learn English

Difference Between Specially and Especially in English

It’s probably not something you put much thought into, and just went with whatever sounded right to you. But there are subtle differences between both words.

For your Valentine: An Italian Love Song by Lorenzo Jovanotti, Io ti cercherò. Listen out for the lyrics in Jovanotti’s song and sing-along.

Countries Languages Quiz 2015

Name the countries and their respective languages in this Countries and Languages Quiz. We want to know how much you know about languages and flags.

Original Italian Receipe: Serena, one of our Italian project managers, was asked the other day about Spaghetti alla Carbonara — the Italian way!

Halloween. From the history of the name to having safe fun trick or treating.

ten most spoken languages

There are an estimated 7,100 living languages in the world that are endangered. The reason for this may be that the ten most spoken languages are rapidly taking over.