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Developing an SEO strategy is key to winning new customers. You need to develop a plan that outlines your business objectives, and how you will implement and measure results.

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Learn the 2 most important factors in SEO in the world’s shortest SEO training course.

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As Brexit rapidly approaches how ready is your business to deal with it?

Brexit is a hot topic for many people at the moment so  I thought I would weigh-in on the Brexit debate with my own insights.

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Just how will brexit impact your business?

The immediate impact for companies operating in the Eurozone is one of the currency exchange rates change. If you’re outside the UK today you’re more expensive than yesterday so will you lose business?

At STAR Translation, we’ve already seen customer buying patterns change both negatively and positively. However, the exchange rate impact is only one of many possible impacts to your business.

Eating carpet prohibited, by Justin Ross Lee
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Search Engine Optimization, keyword translation

Keyword translation including ad headlines and descriptions, will maximize your conversion rate by reaching potential new customers in new target countries.