The business category features all blog posts related to all forms of business, from start-ups to entrepreneurs and conglomerates. Most post refer to the business world of translation and localization though.

STAR on-air was hosted by Damian and Alex Gibson fo The Persuaders. The pair talked about marketing, desktop publishing and websites, and translation.

The top 10 language service providers 2013 were released by the Common Sense Advisory. View their website for the top 100 providers.

Neven Maguire and Damian Scattergood

Bloom: Damian took a visit to Bloom 2013 at the weekend. It was a great day, lots of flowers and great ideas for the garden lovers.

We translated some 1,000 language combinations in 2012. Language combinations include English to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

Document Writing

How to write or translation and improve your documentation. German typically is 30-50% longer than English. When designing a brochure be aware that text will get much longer after translation.