How to Develop an SEO Strategy

SEO is a long term process. To get the most from your site you need to developa clear written strategy.

An SEO Strategy plan should include many important factors including your business objectives, the technical steps and the marketing objectives.

It should be a full 360 view of what you are trying to achieve. By having a clear, consise plan it is much easier to engage with SEO agencies and your internal teams.  The plan is easier to manage and measure.

Over time it will deliver successful results for your site, and your company, resulting in more valuable visitors and new customers.

SEO Services

STAR SEO Services

We provide a number of services to help grow your online business.

  • Strategy Development
  • Website Audits
  • In Country testing
  • Translation Services
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Blind testing
  • Multingual SEO
  • International SEO Audits
  • Video – voice overs and subtitling

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How to improve your SEO results

There are a number of important steps to follow to improve your SEO results.

Stock Images : When designing your new website be careful about using stock images. Use original images where possible. They look natural and are inviting for customers. Stock images are professional and look great, but overusing them is bad. Stock Image impact on SEO

Google: Whilst SEO is important for getting ranked you need to be careful not to over optimize your site.  Remember you also need to have customer friendly website. Write for Google and Write for Humans to be successful. Google actually warns against  Over Optimization

SEO Automation: You don’t have to do all the hard work yourself. There are plenty of tools to help you. We can help you with the process to Translate a WPML Website. WordPress has some great tools available including Yoast – which we recommend to help SEO the site.

Languages:  All languages are different. Chinese Web Design has a few different things to watch out for, including the best fonts to use. In China Google isn’t king, Baidu holds the crown. So you may need to adjust your strategy there.

Writing SEO Content: Content is king and you need to learn the skills of Writing Great Copy In SEO as in Sales, every word counts. Our short guide will give you a kick start to winning more business.

Numbers: There is a huge argument in the sales schools about whether sales is just a numbers game or one of skill. Regardless of which camp you sit in, having a plan to Double your Sales Revenue will help. Knowing what you want, how you plan to do it, and measure it – will get you on the road to more online sales.