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Mount Elbrus, The Caucasus region

Each of the 10 oldest languages has an intriguing history that differentiates it from the multitude of others. Irish Gaelic is on the list!

Robot Teachers, Language Tutors

New robot teachers help immigrant children learn new languages. Lead by teams of roboticists and linguists, to study how children learn with robots.

How many words for snow do you know? The Scots’ have nearly 400!. Here’s the background and few to get you started!. How do you say ‘Snow’ in your language?

Animal names into different languages

The most recognizable animal names in different languages: Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. How many do you know?

Speech bubbles containing names of languages

Have you ever found yourself trying to read a piece of text to figure out what language it is? This table will help you.

Irish Culture
Difference between explicitly and implicitly

Do you trust explicitly or implicitly? What’s the difference? When to use explicitly or implicitly Explicitly and implicitly are two words you may write in a letter or in an email to a dear friend, a confidant or a colleague at work, but some of us still get a little confused. We either write trust […]

Meaning of Easter