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Next Level of Translation Memory, Transit NXT

Welcome to Transit NXT

It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the release of Transit NXT — the next generation of STAR’s translation memory app.

STAR is a leading supplier of language technology with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Sustainable ideas, enthusiastic users and the continuous development of the tools are the most important reasons why Transit, TermStar and WebTerm have enjoyed lasting success in the market.

In parallel to the enhancements of the current version Transit XV, the product managers have had intensive collaboration with the development team and many power users regarding which new functions and innovations would be needed in the field of translation and localization. The ideas and concepts, as well as the performance, have been tested with numerous prototypes and the new version has matured via the help of our internal professional users.

At the tekom conference last autumn, the public was given the first preview of the new look and feel. The internal and external user groups have contributed to the further enhancement and optimization of the product with their feedback and demanding questions. During the past eight months, Transit NXT has been tested in production work both inside and outside the STAR Group. The tests focused on compatibility between the current Transit generation and the next generation due to Transit’s new functions, interface and role-based model. The new localization features (resource editor), the new mark-up-strategy (automation) and the target language fuzzy matching have all had to prove their usefulness and usability.

20 years of know-how with a new look and feel, an appealing and user-friendly interface and even more powerful new functions combine to define the concept Transit NXT. The well-balanced combination of proven ideas and principles, innovation and focus on the needs of the users has been the desired end result. It’s a mature product that satisfies the most stringent demands. The software is now available in the UK and Ireland.

New Features

DLL & EXE Editors

You now have the ability to edit and translate DLLs and EXEs.

Bubble Windows

Bubble windows, providing a dynamic representation of fuzzy matches, allow you to make even more efficient use of the Transit editor.

Fuzzy Term

Transit’s tried-and-tested ‘Fuzzy logic’ is now also available in TermStar NXT. Fuzzy search in TermStar NXT not only finds items which precisely correspond to your search term, but also all similar entries contained in the dictionary.

Dual Fuzzy

Your reference material now has even more value. Dual Fuzzy logic in Transit NXT not only takes account of the source text when searching for translation suggestions, it now also looks at the target text.

Synch View

Using the PDF viewer for FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, InDesign and PowerPoint, the translator, reviewer or terminologist can display the fully structured source text in synchronisation with the language pair.

Advance to the NXT level of translation technology

The STAR Team

Transit and TermStar Version XV

Updates to Transit and TermSTAR version XV Service Pack 22

We would like to announce that Service Pack 22 is now available for download .Detailed information on new features and improvements implemented with this Service Pack can be found in the readmetr.txt and readmets.txt Apart from bug fixes Service Pack 22 contains the following new features (for more details please refer to the Transit readme).

New features: Quicksilver 3.0

With Service Pack 22, Transit now supports Quicksilver 3.0. Please note that the Interleaf/Quicksilver filter is optional. Please contact your local STAR distributor in order to use the filter.

FrameMaker 8.0

With Service Pack 22, Transit now supports FrameMaker 8.0. Please note that the FrameMaker filter is optional. Please contact your local STAR distributor in order to use the filter.

Enhanced XGate XTensions for QuarkXPress support (MAC) with Service Pack 22, an enhanced XGate XTension for QuarkXPress 6-6.5 (MAC) is released: XTensions are available to download.

For more information, please refer to the “XGate 6, Installation Instructions and User Guide”.

XGate (Quark XPress, MAC OS X) Installation With Service Pack 22 a new installation routine is provided for the XGate XTensions of QuarkXPress 6.0-6.5 (for MAC OS 10.1 or higher). The XGate installers are available in the download area on our website at For more information, please refer to the “XGate 6, Installation Instructions and User Guide”.

Important Info

The update for TermStar is integrated in trsp22.exe which you can find in the Transit directory. An additional installation of the updates of the TermStar directory is not necessary.

In Service Pack 22 all changes and improvements of the previous Service Packs are integrated.
Please proceed as follows for the installation of the Service Pack 22:

Download the files trsp22.exe and installation_sp.pdf. Installation instructions are included in the pdf file. Detailed information on the improvements can be found in the files readmetr.txt and readmets.txt.

Please proceed as follows for the installation of the help file:

First install Service Pack 22 and then the help file. For installation instructions, please refer to the file: installation_help.pdf. The aforementioned files are available for download.

The STAR Team