What do the following words have in common: Racecar, Civic, Eye, Level? 



They are all palindromes! They can be read the same backward and forward.


Leave a comment or share your own riddle with us.


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Corporate Machine Translation – STAR MT

STAR’s latest MT Engine helps you deliver more content faster, economically and with higher quality than standard machine translation.

Your style, your wording, your translation

Your company’s communication style and terminology should remain consistent, even in translation. That’s why STAR MT is trained exclusively using text, translations and terminology from within your company. With STAR MT, we keep your text protected by keeping it as a dedicated engine to you.

Business Benefits

  • Increased presence in new markets with quick, cheaper translations.
  • Shorter deadlines through faster turnaround.
  • Affordable translation.
  • You can understand foreign-language content immediately with rough translation (gisting).
  • Maintain your own style and wording in all relevant languages.
  • Benefit from the exisiting translations, linguistic competence of your language experts worldwide.

STAR MT helps deliver solid machine translation results for your business.

Call us to discuss how it can help you today.

Quiz: Are you a Movie and Book Language Rockstar?

Are you a Language Rockstar? Test your skills.

Think you know the difference between Klingon, Elvish and Dothraki? How well do you know your TV, Movie and Book languages? Here are 20 questions to test the best. A score of 16 or more and you rule the universe!





How well do you know your TV and Movie languages?

Think you know the difference between Dothraki and Klingon? Here’s 20 killer questions to test you out. Score 16 to be a language Rockstar.

Here at STAR we love all things language. We love how we communicate both at work and play. We don’t speak all the languages in this quiz, but we do translate professional documents into over 70 languages. Download our ebook on how to buy translation services to learn more about how we can help your business.

STAR Translation Services Dublin.

Buyers Guide to Translation


So where do all these languages come from?

On TV shows and Movies the people who create languages are called Conlangers. It is short for contructed language. Most of the time it is the author themselves that creates the language but in recent times people have actually been hired to create languages for movies.

Language creation has existed for centuries and their creators are called conlangers. Paku was the first language created for “Land of the lost”, by UCLA Linguist, Victoria Fromkin. According to the Dothraki’s creator, it is a hard job and you need focus to create a sentence while maintaining the correct vocabulary and grammar. The grammar structures are one the hardest challenges to design when creating a language.

How many languages do you know?

Can you work this out?

Here’s a quick puzzle for you to test your English. Can you work it out?


Buying Translation Services

Foreign languages translation, online translatorBuying translation can be a challenging task. With so many translation agencies to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for you?

The translation industry has its own terminology and companies use various different methods and processes to deliver translation. How can you tell which process is right for you?

As a professional translation company we are often asked about our services and how things work. The more you know about the business the easier it is to make decisions on who to choose and why.

To help your business we’ve compiled the answers to the most common questions we are asked about translation in this E-book. We’ve also included a handy checklist for you to compare agencies. Hopefully our experience will help you decide on the best process and vendor for your business. Download a free copy today to see how you can make the most out of translation for you and your business.

Buyers Guide to Translation

Buyers Guide to Translation

Translation Memory System – Introduction.

Transit NXT is STAR’s translation memory system for professional translators. Crammed with features and benefits for you – it can make you more productive and profitable with its state of the art translation editor and tools. This 38 minute video shows how Transit can help you create a project, built and use dictonaries and check your translation quality.

Transit NXT – Translation Technology for Translators Introduction from Damian Scattergood on Vimeo.

Translation technology helps real human translators create consistent accurate content. Using translation memory and terminology management systems means you only ever have to translate content once. This ensures that you get the most from your translation budgets. STAR has been developing translation technology for over 25 years, so your linguistic assets are in safe hands.

Transit is used by Professional Translators and Language Services Providers. It can be usef standalone or within the context of a global information management system. You can edit a number of native file formats including Adobe Indesign and the Microsoft Offie Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Transit can also edit and translate software file formats such as XML, HTML, CSV, JSP and many more. This demo shows how you can create projects, translate and proofread them all in the same single sourced environment.

Are you interested in using the STAR Transit NXT system for your translation projects or translation department?


World Map

How many websites are there in the world?

World Map

As a global company we’re always seeking to understand our customers and their markets.
We recently had a discussion around – how many websites are there in the world?

After some research the data is readily available from Verisign who keep a record of such data.

As of 6 April 2017 there are

  • 128,307,680 .COM Addresses
  • 15,198,768 .NET Addresses
  • 143,506,448 Total internet URL’s registered.

Check out the live data here:

Middle East Translation - Free Whitepaper

New Meeting Room in STAR Dublin

Thanks to Mark and all the team in IKEA, Ballymun for helping us get our new meeting room setup and ready to go. It was a pleasure doing business with you all. Thanks for the advice and speedy delivery. We’re all delighted with the results. We meet here every morning now for our daily huddles to set the work for the day in motion.


Damian and the team in STAR Dublin.

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