Transit NXT

Dual Fuzzy A Dual Fuzzy search on your translation memory gives you more choice and reference. You can search in both source and target segments across your project – seeing how and where terms have been used before and in different contexts. This can improve your understanding of key terms and ensure consistent translation. 1. […]

The latest version of STAR Transit integrates with a number of Machine Translation Systems. Here’s how to make your translation faster.


PRISMA is a server platform for smart content services and one of STAR’s biggest milestones since GRIPS. Information Management

Hyppytyynytyydytys is a strange Finnish word that doesn’t have a direct translation in English.

It means “Bouncy Cushion Satisfaction”.

What’s it like working in the translation industry? We interviewed one of our project managers to get their opinion on serious and fun side of translation.

A word riddle for you… What word looks the same upside down and backwards?