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A key component of Transit is the TermStar NXT terminology management system. In TermStar NXT, you can create dictionaries and save general or project-specific terminology to them.

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Dynamic Linking works like a multilingual concordance search. It displays all the segments which contain particular pairs of terms.

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Dual Fuzzy A Dual Fuzzy search on your translation memory gives you more choice and reference. You can search in both source and target segments across your project – seeing how and where terms have been used before and in different contexts. This can improve your understanding of key terms and ensure consistent translation. 1. […]

The latest version of STAR Transit integrates with a number of Machine Translation Systems. Here’s how to make your translation faster.


PRISMA is a server platform for smart content services and one of STAR’s biggest milestones since GRIPS. Information Management

Hyppytyynytyydytys is a strange Finnish word that doesn’t have a direct translation in English.

It means “Bouncy Cushion Satisfaction”.