Machine Translation Summit (MTSummit 2019)

STAR is delighted to sponsor this years Machine Translation Summit in the Helix on 19th to 23 August.

At the summit we will be showing the latest advances in MT translation from STAR and how it can benefit both translation teams and corporations. STAR MT combines the best from both Neural and statistical MT approachs.

We can show you how to integrate MT into your corporate workflow environment to deliver consistent, high quality results. We’ll also show you how some of our clients are achieving results today. As professional translators we understand the weaknesses, strengths and opportunities MT provides. Our expert team will be on hand at the show to discuss how our technology and services can help you business. STAR MT integrates already with STAR Transit NXT the professional translation editor making translators more productive.

STAR is a global leader in technology development for multilingual information.

Need to know more?

We’re often asked – just what MT is and what about Googles machine translation?

Isn’t it all just the same?

No it isn’t.

There are advantages and major disadvantages to Machine Translation. Getting the most from MT really depends on what your objective is. Take a look at our introduction to MT to get a better understanding of how to make the best choice for you.

See more information on Machine Translation.