How to Get More Work | Translator Training.

In this training program you’ll learn how STAR views and measures translators. Translation is more than just translating the words. The role of a professional translator can be complex – requiring multiple skillsets. Learn how to stand out as a translator and become a valuable asset to the agency you work with.

SEO Services

Developing an SEO strategy is key to winning new customers. You need to develop a plan that outlines your business objectives, and how you will implement and measure results.

Bad customer experiences on websites impact sales.

If you’re about to design a new site – will it work in other countries?

Don’t kill your international sales before you start.

Old outdated content damages Google ranking.

Deleting old, bad or unranked pages will improve your website. If you have old content that’s isn’t great – it’s no value to your visitors. Google likes good, useful content so can penalise for bad content.


A Welsh sign translation error was the ultimate faux pas for a council in Swansea. The translation was for a residential area prohibiting heavy vehicles.

irish Shamrock

Wise, Old Irish Sayings

We’ve compiled a list of popular old Irish sayings to help you learn more Irish.

Calculator Spelling: How to spell words with a calculator. French, Spanish and English. Yes we can translate words on calculators too.


The World’s Smallest Book On English – This should give you some good excuses to spice up your next conversation.

Can you see a mistake in this sentence?

Here’s a little proofreading test for you. Can you spot the mistake here? Lets’s see how good you are.

Do you know the difference between ghost and ghoul?

A ghost, or spectre or phantom, is an apparition of a dead spirit or a soul.