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The Migratory Language Welsh

Flag of Wales; migratory languages welsh

Flag of Wales

Migratory Language Welsh lands in Argentina

Over 150 years ago,  some 150 Welsh migrants took to the seas seeking a new way of life in the new world.

They gave themselves three places to choose from as their new home: Vancouver Island, Palestine or Argentina. Ultimately they chose Argentina to settle and establish a new colony as their home — a valley named Chubut in the region of Patagonia. The reason for their decision to settle in that part of South America was one of isolation. At the time, there were no other European settlements in the region, only indigenous tribes.

There was a lot of political radicalism in Wales during the 19th century and a growing sense of Welsh national consciousness engulfed many rural communities. They wanted to retain their national identity without the possibility of a passive English language invasion.

Politics and Religion

One man named Michael D. Jones, a radical, a religious man and nonconformist, was tired of the political and religious influences the English had over the Welsh population. Jones was a believer in the preservation of the Welsh language and traditions. It was he who became the leader of this like-minded community of travellers and partly his decision to travel to Argentina.

Jones had a single objective: to build a new Welsh colony overseas. One that is self-governing, democratic and nonconformist.

New Hope: Argentina

As all new beginnings bring hardships and struggle, the new Welsh colony had to overcome many difficult obstacles. When they arrived in 1865, they lived in caves along the coastline. But as the years went by, they experienced a golden age, a period of good fortune and prosperity: a time of economic and cultural growth swept through the settlement. They spoke only Welsh and preserved many national traditional such as the Eisteddfod (a traditional ceremony called “the chairing of the bard”).

Changing Times

Decades later, the Argentine government stepped in and enforced all community settlements in Argentina to learn and speak only Spanish. This meant that Spanish could only be taught at schools.  There wasn’t much the Welsh community could do but slowly adapt as the Spanish language took hold and Welsh eventually lost the battle. However, some families kept the language in the house. Old world Welsh traditions didn’t die out either and are still practiced to this day.

Centenary Celebrations & Revival

One hundred years on, 1965, there was a growth in interest in all things Welsh. Welsh culture and language began to reassert itself into the settlement. The small village in Chubut was finally connecting to Wales and there was a sense of appreciation among the villagers of the pioneering role the first settlers played.

Michael D. Jones migrated from Wales to save Welsh national identity and establish it elsewhere. But what he failed to realise was, that with immigration comes assimilation: the new country creates its own, new identity. However, the Welsh-Argentine community of Chubut will always remain proud of its roots.

The STAR Team

Source: BBC Magazine

Transit NXT Supports Adobe FrameMaker 12

Transit NXT supports Adobe FrameMaker 12, translation

Transit NXT and FrameMaker 12

Transit NXT Supports Adobe Framemaker 12, CAT

You can now translate Adobe FrameMaker 12 files in Transit NXT!

For data exchange with Transit, the enhanced FMGate plug-in is available. The plug-in additionally supports FrameMaker 12. Furthermore, the support for FrameMaker 7 to 11 has been enhanced.

The plug-in can be found on our STAR Group website in the Download » Transit and TermStar NXT » Accessories section. There you can also find the latest documentation on installing FMGate and sharing data with Transit.

To install the plug-in, you will need your licence number at hand. You can only install the plug-ins if the optional filter for Adobe FrameMaker has been enabled for your licence.

Call us to discuss your next project!

The STAR Team

Translation Support for InDesign CC 2014

translation support for indesign

Transit NXT and InDesign CC 2014

Now with Translation Support for InDesign CC

You can now translate Adobe InDesign CC 2014 files in TransitNXT!

For data exchange with Transit, there are new InDesign Gate plug-ins available for InDesign CC 2014 (Mac and Windows). Furthermore, you can now download and install enhanced InDesign Gate plug-ins for InDesign CS 2 to CS 6 and InDesign CC.

The plug-ins for your InDesign version can be found on our STAR Group website in the Download » Transit and TermStar NXT » Accessories section.

There you can also find the latest documentation on installing the InDesign Gate and sharing data with Transit.

Give us a call to discuss your next project.

The STAR Team

Sales Executive Jobs in Dublin, You’re Hired!

Sales executive wanted jobs in Dublin

Sales Executives Jobs in Dublin, We are Hiring

We’re looking for hard-working, competitive and self-motivated individuals who have some sales experience already and are interested in selling translation services. We’re based in Dublin, Ireland.

We help companies do more business worldwide by providing the translation services they need for their brochures, documents and websites.

This is a great opportunity to be part of one of the largest translation companies in the world selling translation services in the B2B marketplace.

In this role you will

  • Prospect, qualify, develop and close leads
  • Interact with prospects via telephone, email, and face to face occasionally
  • Sell translation services to new customers over the phone
  • Sell using the complete sales cycle (Cold Calling, Quotes, Sales, Closing, Follow Up)
  • Make contact and generate new leads through research, networking and cold-calling
  • Complete proposals and quotations


  • Manage your sales pipeline and attend our daily report meetings
  • Target clients in Ireland, UK and the USA
  • Successfully manage and overcome sales objections
  • Build rapport with prospects to be a trusted resource
  • Achieve monthly and quarterly sales targets
  • Deal with sales queries in an efficient, accurate and professional manner
  • Excellent customer service, and selling skills
  • Excellent communications skills both verbal and written
  • Package

    • Salary: c. €22k basic + Commission
    • Receive sales training from our team as well as training on the translation business
    • 20 days holidays per year
    • Work close to city centre – Dublin 3
    • TaxSaver scheme in place for employees for reduced travel costs
    • Bicycle Scheme in place
    • Free tea and coffee (and occasionally croissants)

    Email your CV directly to Damian Scattergood or reply to our ads our social media channels.

    No agencies please.

    The STAR Team

    Rosetta Spacecraft Makes Historic Landing — Its Meaning Unearthed

    Rosetta and The Comet Landing

    Separation of Philae Lander from Rosetta Spacecraft

    Separation of Philae Lander from Rosetta Spacecraft. ©2014 ESA

    What’s happening now?

    At 08:30 GMT on the 12th of November 2014, the Philae (spacecraft) (lander) separated from the Rosetta Mission spacecraft. The Rosetta spacecraft left Earth 10 years ago to make its journey to a distant comet known as Comet 67P/C-G.

    This has never been achieved by humans before! But what’s its significance? It’s all about discovering the origins of our solar system. Scientists hope to be able to study the oldest building blocks of such systems: comets.

    Why did the ESA, European Space Agency, name it Rosetta?

    In 1799, archaeologists found a volcanic basalt slab of rock near the Egyptian town of Rashid (Rosetta to us). Thus, the stone was named Rosetta and it helped revolutionise our understanding of an ancient civilisation.

    There were three carved inscriptions on the stone, all written in two forms of Greek and Egyptian. The mysterious hieroglyphics — the written language of the ancient Egyptians, as they became known —  were eventually deciphered by historians. It was a breakthrough for scholars and linguists around the world and enabled the history of an almost forgotten culture to be pieced together.

    The Rosetta Stone was the key to an ancient civilisation. The scientists at the ESA named their intrepid Rosetta mission so, as it will allow them to unlock the mysteries of all comets alike. And to better understand our solar system’s formation.

    The lander is scheduled to rendezvous with comet 67P /C-G at 15:30 GMT on the 12th of November 2014.

    Join the conversation on Twitter: Use #CometLanding

    The STAR Team

    Moonwalker: The Making of a Video Game

    Moonwalker video game screenshot

    Moonwalker Video Game Screenshot

    Moonwalker Video Game 1988

    What was it like working for Michael Jackson?

    Damian Scattergood, our managing director, actually wrote the video game back in 1988. The game was based on Michael Jackson’s anthology film of the same name. A dance technique: Moonwalker was one of Jackson’s trademark moves. The name was actually dubbed by the media and not Jackson himself.

    Watch the Interview with Retro Game Geeks

    Watch Damian’s recent interview with Retrogames about his work on Michael Jackson video game.

    “A game like no other”, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video game was a success.

    A full transcript of the interview is available to read on

    Moonwalker video game 1988

    Moonwalker Video Game, 1988

    The STAR Team

    STAR Halloween Party

    The lobby at our Dublin office was kitted out with the usual spooky paraphernalia. The staff from our production team did a great job on it; it really added to the atmosphere of it all. All the staff got together for a celebratory lunch, Halloween-style. Not all the staff were brave enough to don costumes, but the ones who did certainly made an impact. We chatted and relaxed while we waited for the pizzas to arrive.

    STAR Halloween Party 2014

    Our special guests that afternoon were Batman, Dracula, a witch, Bananaman, a Victorian gentleman (with a Bowler hat) and Bat Girl!

    Our Managing Directors in full costume

    Our Managing Directors in Full Costume

    Staff Fancy Dress, STAR Halloween Party

    Staff Fancy Dress

    Batman meets Bananaman, STAR Halloween Party

    Batman meets Bananaman: Damian and Eoin respectively

    Our Project Managers, STAR Halloween Party

    Our Project Managers: Fabienne and Lucie

    Power Ranger

    A Power Ranger on the loose!

    The Red Ranger from the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers made a cameo appearance.

    The STAR Team

    Great Scots! Scots Gaelic and English Stay Together

    Great Scots! Scots Gaelic and English Stay Together

    Great Scots!

    Scots Gaelic and English Stay Together, Despite the Vote

    Today, 18th of September, all Scottish people head to the polling stations to cast their utmost important votes. Their votes will decide the future of the United Kingdom as a whole. Will Scotland become an independent state?

    Regardless or the result of the vote today #indyref, #voteyes, #voteno, both the English and Scottish languages will stay together! There will always be a Scots legacy in England.

    With a media frenzy gathering pace throughout and all eyes on Scotland, we decided to look at some peculiar words in the English language that have their origins in Scottish Gaelic and Scots.

    Scots Gaelic

    Before we proceed, you probably noticed that we mentioned Scottish Gaelic and Scots. Aren’t they the same? Not at all. Scottish Gaelic or Gàidhlig is in the Goidelic branch of Celtic languages. It’s indigenous to Scotland. Scottish Gaelic derived from Middle Irish during the 10th to 12th centuries and thus, is descended from Old Irish. Other notable languages in the Goidelic family are Manx and Irish (no surprise there!).


    Scots or Scots language is a variety of Gaelic spoken in the lowlands of Scotland and parts of Ulster (Northern Ireland). Scholars and linguistic experts have been debating over the linguistic status and social significance of Scots. Is it a language or a dialect? There is no universally accepted criteria to distinguish a language from a dialect so they’ll be arguing about it for some time to come.

    The Words

    Scots English Meaning
    Clan (also clann) originally from Gaelic: “family”; children, progeny, offspring, even tribe
    Haver / Haiver to talk in a foolish manner, to talk nonsense
    Bonnie (also bonny) originally from French: “bon” meaning good; attractive, pretty, applies to both genders
    Laddie a young boy; adolescent male
    Lassie a young girl; adolescent female
    Plaid (also plaide) originally from Gaelic: “blanket”; to fold [past participle of ply, giving to ‘plied’ based on Scots’ pronunciation]
    Tweed a cloth woven in a twilled pattern

    Of course, there are many other Scots words in use in English. You might even be using some of them without knowing it. Do you know any other Scots or Scots Gaelic words in English?

    The STAR Team

    Job Vacancy: Project Manager Internship

    We are hiring: Project Manager Internship

    Job Opening: Project Manager Internship

    About Us

    Based in Docklands Innovation Park, Dublin, STAR is a provider of translation services in 40 languages. Founded in 2002, we are a privately held company and a member of the STAR Group — Europe’s largest privately held translation company. STAR has over 40 offices around the world.

    Our student placement program is for foreign students who are interested in 6 months placements to gain experience in the translation business and improve their English language skills. Much of the work we do here is related to project management only. We do not do any translation work on-site. Our teams in Dublin manage projects for clients and sends the work to a country’s STAR office for the translation into its respective language i.e. German translation goes to Germany.

    Key Tasks and Responsibilities

    • Project Planning and Scheduling
    • Send and receive translation projects
    • Sending and receiving jobs to our teams within the STAR network. This includes managing translators’ deadlines. Candidate should have strong organisational skills, ability to multitask and prioritise appropriately. Strong verbal skills to communicate with clients and the ability to coordinate translation and DTP components are a necessity. A strong command of Microsoft Word and Excel is required.
    • Handling the volume of many projects: this role is key to ensuring the smooth operation of day-to-day business

    Project Management

    The main work of the Project Manager here in Dublin is to prepare the files for translation

    • Check the files for segmentation and layout issues before translation
    • Prepare word counts / costings and translation kits for the teams
    • Sending out of translation kits
    • Updating of project management database and importing files afterwards
    • Translation exporting and doing DTP work on final files
    • Checking invoices sent from translators for projects
    • Apply OCR to paper files that have been submitted for translation

    You will get to see a wide scope of tasks in our office, as we work on a number of file formats and different languages.

    Client Relationship Management

    You may work directly with some clients, as part of this role involves establishing a strong working relationship is with our clients; STAR prides itself on its long term relationships with its clients.

    DTP Skills

    Part of your role is to prepare files for translation and fixing layout issues on the translated files after translation. This involves working with complex file layouts in Microsoft Word, for example. A good all-round knowledge of different file
    formats and systems is also required.

    Training Program

    STAR Translation is both ISO 9001 and BS EN 15039 certified, so training starts with these processes. You will be given an overview of all relevant processes.

    1. You will be shown how to complete the first step process
    2. Undertake the first step process under supervision
    3. Complete the first step on your own (asking for support when necessary)

    This staged training approach is then repeated for the next step of the process and so on, until you have mastered all of STAR’s processes.

    Key Skill Requirements

    • Excellent communication and organisational skills
    • Good written and spoken English
    • Strong focus on quality
    • Excellent knowledge of standard computer software such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word
    • Ability to manage multiple projects and work well under pressure

    Contact Damian Scattergood for more information about this position.

    The STAR Team

    We’re Nominated, Blog Awards Ireland 2014

    It’s that time of year and STAR is a part of it yet again!

    Blog Awards 2014

    Our blog has been nominated under the category of Best Blog of an SME 2014. And we’ve made the long list.

    We were also nominated last year. All the team members here at STAR Translation Dublin are delighted to be recognized for our work.

    Blog Awards 2014 Nominated, Ireland

    Click on the button to view all the nominations on the long list under Best Blog of an SME. The Best Blog of an SME is sponsored by Digital Training Institute formerly Mediabox.

    We enjoy writing fresh and exciting content for our subscribers and followers online. We’re actually busy beavering away on a completely new website and blog, so watch out for our new site in mid-August.

    Visit the official Blog Awards Ireland website for all the details and other nominations.

    The STAR Team