STAR GRIPS Wins Innovation Award

GRIPS, STAR’s content management system wins IT Innovation Award in Germany.

The German association, Initiative Mittelstand, supported by the German Federal Commission for Information Technologies and IBM Deutschland GmbH, has recently awarded STAR Group with the IT Innovation Prize for its application GRIPS, selected from over 2,500 entries.

This award acknowledges the GRIPS team’s constant commitment to innovation, a synonym for competitiveness beyond translation services in such fields as the development of content management systems.

STAR is a world leader in corporate language management systems.

GRIPS is a state-of-the-art tool for the management and automated publication of technical information, created to support the entire process of information processing. BMW Motorrad, Ferrari, Evobus, Hilti, GDELS Mowag or Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH are some of the renowned companies that trust GRIPS information management system.

GRIPS is based on XML format matrix storage of technical information, allowing the synchronization of the technical information production process with the design and product development processes. GRIPS eases technical copy-writing-related tasks, while minimizing the risk of struggling with incoherence and redundancy errors, thus reducing significantly updating, translation and publishing costs.