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How to get the most from your corporate language assets.

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With over 30 years of experience in translation and information management, we can help you capture, store and maximize the returns on your language assets. For example, the data you create in your technical specifications can be re-used in your operating manuals, repair manuals and service bulletins. Through controlled authoring, workflow, terminology management and translation re-use, we can show you how to deliver your content effectively into any language. The STAR Corporate Language Management (CLM) platform combines technology across many disciplines.

Language Assets

The STAR CLM platform brings together all the elements of your content creation and publishing processes. From content authoring solutions to translation memory and terminology management, it helps you get the best return on investment from your language assets. Our technology stack is built on 30 years of experience in the translation business. Since 1984, STAR has been developing translation technology to assist our own translation teams and those of our customers. The CLM stack is configurable, enabling you to implement only the parts you require, thus getting the most from your IT budget.

CLM platform components

  • Workflow Process Control Server
  • STAR Translation Cloud
  • Transit NXT Server
  • Transit NXT Customers
  • Transit NXT Web Customers
  • TermStar NXT Server
  • TermStar NXT Customers
  • WebTerm

The CLM Platform Components

  • STAR CLM Server for Process Control
  • STAR CLM Portal (Web-based access)
  • STAR Transit NXT Server – for centralised translation memory management
  • STAR Transit NXT Clients – the protected work environment for internal translators, localization specialists and reviewers
  • STAR Transit NXT Web Clients – for your external translations, localization specialists and reviewers
  • TermStar NXT Server – centralised terminology management / corporate wording management
  • TermStar NXT Clients – for your internal authors and translators
  • STAR WebTerm – to manage your terminology on a global basis

Key benefits of using STAR’s Corporate Language Management Systems:

  • Standardised wording across all your global communication
  • Consistent brand image
  • Clearer customer understanding of your products
  • Secure management of product knowledge and company expertise
  • Quicker lead times for authoring, translation and publication
  • Controlled processes for content authoring, editing, translation, localization and publication
  • Maximum reuse of existing material (original content and language content)

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