STAR Cloud Language Services

Make translation easier by managing your projects and language assets online.

Common problems managers have with translation projects

  • Do you know what projects are being translated now?
  • How much did you spend last year?
  • Have you raised the pruchase orders for any projects that need one?
  • Is your translation memory centralized?
  • How are you managing your glossaries?

STAR’s cloud services enable you to manage and centralize your information in the cloud.

Language Technology and Services in the Cloud

How do you get the most from your language assets?

As your company translates and sells worldwide you begin to develop a grow a large store of dictionaries, terminology and translated material. These become linguistic assets to your company, assets that can be reused, shared and have value to you. We help our customers maximize the value of their language assets through the use of our cloud-based language technology and language services.

STAR provides a number of systems and processes for corporate language management.

  • Glossary management
  • Translation project management
  • Workflow systems
  • Online review and proofreading
  • Project and financial reporting

Translation Project Management

Our cloud-based project management system allows customers to safely and securely upload files for translation. You can get quotes online, approve quotes and download completed translations from a single location – 24×7.

Workflow Systems

STAR’s workflow system helps our customers automate the everyday tasks the require to ensure your document authoring and translation process is as effective as possible.

Online Review and Proofreading

The latest addition to our cloud family enables users to proofread their translations online. You can make modifications adjustments to translation and this feeds back directly to your corporate translation memory store.

Project and Financial Reporting

With our online project management system you can get instant updates on your projects status and spend. So you can see across your language spend which languages you are spending money on and plan accordingly.

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