Cloud Terminology Services

Manage your Terminology in the Cloud

How do you manage your company terminology and glossaries?

Do you still work with spreadsheets and word lists? Our cloud terminology management system helps our customers manage all their linguistic assets, so you get clean, consistent high-quality translations every time.

Cloud terminology management

Workflow processes

  • Glossary management
  • Project management
  • Workflow systems
  • Online review and proofreading
  • Project and financial reporting

Every industry has its own language

Whether it is machine manufacturing, electronics or software, it’s important to manage your company’s dictionary or glossary correctly to ensure accurate professional communication. Parts lists have to be updated; operating, service and repair manuals need to be precise and accurate. As language professionals, we understand the importance of getting the fundamental building blocks correct from the start. We have even translated printed dictionaries for companies such as Bosch.

WebTerm Cloud Terminology Management

Most technical authors and marketing departments keep lists of preferred terminology in spreadsheets and custom databases. This ensures their documents are consistently written and delivers high-quality manuals and brochures.

As your organization grows, it becomes harder to manage terminology across different global departments. As you translate into different languages with people in different locations contributing to it, the process makes it even harder.

Our online terminology system helps our customers store all their terminology / glossaries and dictionaries in the cloud in a single place. Everything is instantly shared to those that matter. If you need your Turkish terminology approved by your sales team in Turkey, they can simply log in, review and send feedback to you. Your terminology is accessible throughout the world for all teams involved; this makes the review time faster and still gives you centralized control of the project.

The terminology system links directly to our translators using the STAR CLM services, so all your translations are consistent and stay on brand every time.

For more on our cloud based terminology system see WebTerm.