Meanings: difference between duty and responsibility in English
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Meanings: Difference between Duty and Responsibility


The word duty comes from the Latin word ‘debere’, meaning obligation; to call to do something.

Therefore, the word duty is what we have to do according to the law, conventions or moral rules. Duty can be distinguished according to the law and regulations, but it also has personal connotations based on one’s values, too.

A sense of duty is to obey political, legal and moral rules set out by an organization.


Responsibility is often misused. It is not interchangeable with the word duty. Responsibility originates from the Latin word ‘respondere’, meaning to vouch; respond to something.

It defines the state of being responsible (morally accountable or having an obligation to do something): it involves decision-making and comes with one having certain duties.

Responsibility comes in two parts: it can be given to you, but you also have to take responsibility by accepting the role or task assigned to you.

How do you differentiate between duty and responsibility?

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