5 Services we provide you might now know about

We provide a lot more that simply translation. Here are some other services you might find useful.

We provide all our customer with a varied range of services.

1. English Proofreading Services.

Language is our business. We have English proofreaders on our teams. You may not need translation, but perhaps your latest documents could do with a good proofreading.

You may be working on your latest tender submission or updating your website for English readers. Or perhaps you just need your digital copy checked for consistency or ease of understanding.

Our English proofreading teams can help you achieve just that.

2. US English and UK English Translation

Gasoline or Petrol, Zucchini or Courgette? We provide US English and UK English conversions and vice versa for our customers on a regular basis. Ecommerce providers often have different sites for their English speaking customers around the world.

Having your website checked for spelling mistakes can improve your online sales!

3. Voice-overs, Subtitling and Dubbing services

Need a video translated? We provide voice-over translation and actors for all our languages.

4. Document Conversions

Paper, Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign, QuarkExpress, Acrobat PDF etc. We can help you with lost originals, conversions and the latest document formats. we can provide transcription services and OCR to recreate your original documents.

Occasionally you may have to translate a project and you have lost your original sources. STAR’s desktop publishing teams have the experience and expertise to recreate almost any document. Even if you only have a scanned image or PDF, we can recreate your documents for you.

You may also have decided to retire some older software and move your documents to the latest design package such as Adobe InDesign; We can help make that transition easier for you.

5. Software Localization

Whether you are developing a Web application, a desktop application or an iPad/iphone/Androdi app we can help you deliver your software in multiple languages.

We have our own software development teams. We are a developer of document and information technology ourselves, so we know the challenges of international software design.

We can give you advice on what the best steps are for your project, including enabling and software localization services.

Download our PDF document on localization for first timers. Contact us for a quote today.

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