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“Any” : Errors in the English Language

The word “any” can often be very confusing to use. Is it Anytime or Any Time? Which is the correct one to use?

Here’s some simple explanations that can help you get it right.

What is the difference between Anytime and Any Time

The word anytime is often compressed into a single word by analogy with ‘anything’ and similar words.
Writing tip: Think of anytime as a contraction of at any time. It will become easier to know when to use one or the other.
Warning. Anytime is an adverb – so you cannot use it in the form “You can visit my house at anytime”. The correct way is “You can visit my house at any time”.
If you always use it as two words you’ll be correct in all cases

What is the difference between Anyway and Any Way

Anyway is an adverb meaning regardless. Any way is just the word way modified by the word any, meaning any manner.
Writing tip: try to replace it with ‘in any case’. If it fits, use anyway. If not, use the two words.

What is the difference between Anymore and Any More

Anymore should be used when you mean ‘…does no longer’. Eg: I don’t live here anymore.

Any more should be used when the words ‘any’ and ‘more’ can be used separately in a sentence. Eg. I can’t eat any more cheesecake.