Tricky Contractions in English

The English language contains so many contractions that it is easy to get confused. Let’s go over some basics…

  • Some time Vs. sometime

When should you use some time and when should you use sometime?

Tip: Some time refers to an amount of time, whereas sometime typically means eventually.

  • Into Vs. in to

Into is a preposition, and means to the inside of  (ex., When she walked into the room, she realised the meeting had already begun.”) Whereas the words in and to are, respectively, an adverb and a preposition.

Tip: Try speaking the sentence aloud, marking a pause between in and to. If it sounds unnatural, you should probably write into instead.

  • Who’s Vs. whose

Who’s is a contraction of who is, whereas whose is a possessive pronoun.

Tip: Replace who’s with who is in your sentence to see if it fits.

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