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Holiday World Show 2012, Doing Global Business

Ollie Hayes, Barack Obama and Damian Scattergood
Barack Obama, Ollie Hayes and Damian Scattergood discuss benefits of President’s visit to Moneygall, Ireland / Holiday World Show 2012

Holiday World Show 2012

Organised by Business Exhibitions Ltd., Holiday World Show Dublin 2012 gave me the opportunity to meet a large numbers of exhibitors operating in the tourism sector such as tour operators, vehicles companies and airlines companies. All the companies are doing global business and helping the Irish economy grow. It was a very busy show and it was great to see so many exhibitors attending. We had fun meeting Ollie Hayes of Barack Obama fame and discussing the great benefits the president’s visit brought to the town of Moneygall. You have to visit … it is a lovely town and the people are great.

Darina Nakagawa, Japan Tours, Holiday World Show 2012
Darina Nakagawa MD, Unique Japan Tours talks about beauty of Japan

We also met Darina Nakagawa Managing Director of Unique Japan Tours who provide tours of Japan. They can arrange special guided tours for travellers and will make your holiday to Japan really special. Japan is a beautiful place and well worth exploring.

60 countries were represented and over 1,000 travel and tourism professionals were there to give face-to-face advice and useful information, which is not available anywhere else in Ireland. Areas included travelling to the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi on business or pleasure.

Abu Dhabi Tourism and STAR Translation
Angela Bates discussing business travel to Abu Dhabi
Michael Ring, Minister for Tourism, Holiday World Show 2012
Michael Ring visits the show, Minister for Tourism

The structure of the show enabled us to explore the globe under one roof. From Africa to Asia and from America to Europe, many exhibitors offered special show only discount holiday deals. I had numerous opportunities to enjoy some great entertainment along the exhibition and as we were walking through the aisles we even had the chance to encounter Michael Ring, Minister for tourism. Business and pleasure combined; it was fantastic.

We work with many travel companies, government agencies and design companies developing and translating marketing material for the travel, hotel and leisure business. We translate into over 70 languages covering Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The STAR Team

Why Machine Translation is Dangerous

machine translation is dangerousOoops! Machine Translation is dangerous!

We read with amusement this morning an article in the The Irish Examiner. The paper  reports that a mistake has been made by Cork’s local authority translating the name of the world famous  “English Market” into Irish.

The translated sign read “Béarla sa Mhargadh”, which literally means – English in the Market!

We suspect they probably used one of the popular machine translation engines to do the translation.

A quick look at the “English Market” website or a quick call to the team at Star Translation Service would have saved some red faces.
A more appropriate translation would have been : “An Margadh Sasanach”.

Sometimes it is very easy for people with short translations to quickly jump to the internet for a free and quick translation.  Machine translation engines really are only gisting engines, to get the idea of roughly what something says. One of the key factors to quality translation is understanding the context of a word or phrase for translation. You always need to have some further information to fully understand the message. As an example the word “Armed”. Does this refer to a person with a weapon or a burglar alarm that is on – ‘armed’. The translation is very different depending on what you mean.

STAR provide professional translation services to clients in over 40 languages. We help our clients communicate effectively and accurately. We translate documents, websites and signs!.

New AdWords Location Targeting Feature

This week we noticed that Google has changed the AdWords location targeting features.

Some functions have been retired and a number of new ones have been added to improve the service.

Search suggestions
When you start to type a location term, Google will provide suggestions to help you quickly find your desired location.
Nearby locations
Nearby locations are locations that are nearby that you may also consider adding. Nearby locations can be added to or excluded from your campaigns.
Related locations
Related locations may be near the location that you’ve entered, have a similar name, or enclose a location that has a similar name. Related locations can be added to or excluded from your campaigns.
Enclosing locations
Enclosing locations are larger areas that contain the location that you’ve selected. You might consider adding this larger enclosing location if you want to reach a larger audience.

Google have provided a video introducing the new features to make it easy to implement them straight away.

The STAR Team

Congratulations to Ratoath Men’s Tennis League

Ratoath Men’s Tennis League

We wanted to wish a big congratulations to Ratoath Men’s tennis team (over 35s men’s league, class 4) on their victory in the Dublin Lawn Tennis Council Senior League victory last weekend.
The team was captained by our very own managing director Damian Scattergood. The leagues are played over a 3-month period and Ratoath successfully topped their group to reach the finals. It was a long summer with plenty of hard work from all involved. Plenty of summer teas, making sandwiches and hard tennis. The over 35s team were delighted to win the tournament and rest their aching limbs again.

Photographs courtesy of Simon McDermot.

The Winning Team

Mark Whitbread, Simon McDermot, Damian Scattergood (captain), Stephen Foley, Dave Curley, Pat McDermot and Tommy White (The Super Sub).

Ratoath's Winning Team

Winning team: Mark Whitbread, Simon McDermot, Damian, Stephen Foley, Dave Curley.

The finals were against Trim 1st, formidable opponents who had won the league a few years earlier. It was going to be a tough battle from the start. Trim started strongly taking all the first sets in every match. Dave and Stephen where ahead in theirs but the Trim team proved too strong and edged ahead to win the first doubles in two sets.

Dave and Steve playing hard

Dave Curley and Stephen Foley playing for Ratoath 1s.

Mark and Damian meanwhile where struggling in their match losing the first set 6 – 2. However, pure grit and determination proved worthwhile as they fought back to deliver a tiebreak in the second. Meanwhile, Simon and Pat stormed through their 2nd and 3rd sets to get victory. 1 – 1 in games, so it was down to Mark and Damian…

You could feel the tension in the club. Trim stormed to a 5-1 lead in the tiebreak and it looked like all was lost. Winning 6 clear points in a row Ratoath turned the game on its head to win the tiebreak 7 – 5. The game was all to be played for again. Again trim pushed hard breaking Damian’s power serve to go 2 love up in the final set. Mark dug deep for his serve to get it to 2 – 1 and then with a flourish of excellent competitive tennis Ratoath won the next 5 games in a row: 6 – 2. Phew! What an amazing win and hard days work. Well done Ratoath!

Mark Whitbread and Damian Scattergood planning next moves.
Ratoath’s Number 2 team Mark Whitbread and STAR’s managing director Damian Scattergood planning their next move in their tight 3-set victory: 3 – 6, 7 – 6, 6 – 2.
Pat McDermot and Simon McDermot

Pat and Simon McDermot show the tension of a tight game.
Damian hitting the ball

Damian hits a high smash at full stretch, dead centre of the racquet.

The STAR Team

Certified Localisation Professional, Level 1 training program

Certified Localisation Professional training program

Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) Level 1 training and certification 2011

Registration is now open for Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) Level 1 courses offered online and onsite in Silicon Valley, Boston Area, and Barcelona in 2011.

  • The CLP Programme sponsors include Alchemy Software Development, Multilingual Computing Inc., SDL, and Aquino Translation Software.

The courses consist of a combination of ten self-learning online modules and a four-day onsite intensive training and examinations session, as follows.

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Localisation and the Software Engineering Life-cycle
  • Software I18N Enablement and Character Handling
  • Localisation Kitting and File Preparation
  • User Interface Localisation Tools (PC)
  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools (PC)
  • Introduction to Terminology, Term Bases, and Terminology Resources
  • Introduction to Test Plans, Scripts/Cases, Bug Reporting, and Classification
  • Introduction to Website Localisation
  • Introduction to Localisation Project Management

Certification details

There are two different registration fee levels: one including distribution of permanent licences for successful participants and on for excluding software licences

All successful participants will receive a TILP Level 1 CLP Certification.

If you cannot make it this year, please forward the news to other friends, colleagues, or organizations that might be interested.

“Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you at one of the course locations.” — TILP Event Planning.

The STAR Team

Source: Localisation research Centre

Localization World Silicon Valley Conference

Localization World Silicon Valley, California

Localization World Silicon Valley promises to be an exciting conference with great networking and business opportunities and many informative sessions.

As per previous years, there will be a diverse program complete with lively social events and plenty of business opportunities. To relax, the location lends itself to easy side trips along the California coast and points inland such as Napa Valley and surround countryside.

For more information on the event visit LocWorld.

The STAR Team

Translating and the Computer Conference

Translating and the Computer Conference, London

Translating and the Computer 33 Conference Provisional Programme will take place at the Hatton in London from 17th and 18th November 2011.

The programme’s content has just been published for the ASLIB conference. See the programme below.

  • A new machine translation service for the European Commission: Spiridon Pilos, European Commission
  • Automatic translation tools at WIPO: Bruno Pouliquen, WIPO
  • NATO Terminology Programme and NATOTerm
    • Ian Jones, Chairman of NATO Translation and Terminology Systems Advisory Group (NTTS AG) and Chairman of Terminology Sub-Group of the NATO Standardization Staff Group
  • An introduction to Internationization Activity at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and its working groups, in particular with regards to HTML5 and its proposed changes to the markup used for internationalization: Richard Ishida, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)
  • Using seed terms for crawling bilingual terminology list from the Web: Analyzing and diagnosing the system performance: Kyo Kageura, University of Tokyo and Takeshi Abekawa, National Institute of Informatics
  • Machine Translation between Uncommon Language Pairs via a Third Common Language: The Case of Patents: Benjamin K. Tsou and Bin Lu, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • An effective Model for Insertion of Translation Technologies into US Government Translation Environments: Carol Van Ess-Dykema, National Virtual Translation Centre and John S. White, MITRE Corporation

And much more…

For more information on attending the conference, contact Helen Evans at ASLIB.

The STAR Team

Google to charge for translation

Google recently announced it will shutoff its free translation API in favor of a paid version.

The information was quietly released on its API website:

Important: Google Translate API v2 is now available as a paid service. The courtesy limit for existing Translate API v2 projects created prior to August 24, 2011 will be reduced to zero on December 1, 2011. In addition, the number of requests your application can make per day will be limited. Google Translate API v1 will be shut off completely on the same date (December 1, 2011); it was officially deprecated on May 26, 2011.

Interestingly Google cited substantial economic burden caused by extensive abuse for the decision. For website translations, they encourage you to use the Google Website Translator gadget.

“Uncancelling” of the EC Translation Technology Tender

EC Translation Technology Tender

This week on the Common Sense Advisory website, the EC has uncancelled its Ted tender for CAT tools. Quite an interesting story for those following translation technology and political institutions.

In 2010, the European Commission (EC) opened a tender for bids on computer-assisted translation, or computer-aided translation (CAT), and translation memory (TM) tools to which a number of well-known industry firms responded.

In July 2011, a corrigendum was issued declaring the awarding procedure unsuccessful. The reason given … “none of the submitted tenders met the minimum quality criteria.”

Understandably, the companies that invested time and cost in responding to the tender expressed disappointment.

For more information, visit the Common Sense Advisory.

The STAR Team

Unicode Conversion UTF-8 UTF-16

What a long title!

If you’ve ever damaged a string in your code: HTML / Java / XML, and need to covert or escape it, there is a great tool that will do the job quickly and efficiently for you, unicode conversion.

For unicode conversion, use this handy unicode ‘code’ converter on GitHub.

You have the option of working from mixed character strings, UTF-8 and UTF-16. It will also convert and show escaped characters for JavaScript and Unicode U+hex

Thanks to Richard Ishida of W3 for sharing this.

The STAR Team