The Irish tag features posts related to the Irish language, history, the Irish people and Irish translation news and services. Irish is spoken by approximately 140,000 native speakers (2012).


irish placenames - sign
Gaeltacht sign in An Ghaeltacht

English translations anger Gaeltacht

An Ghaeltacht sign in the region / Image credit: TCD Gaeltacht…
1916 Remembrance Wall unveils misspelling in Irish

1916 Remembrance Wall Unveils Misspelling

Easter Rising Remembrance Wall Unveils Misspelling The unveiling…
Coleslaw and dips, Irish

9 Irish Language Translations, so bad they’re good

9 Hilarious Irish Language Translations The Irish language is…
Mount Elbrus, The Caucasus region
Four Courts, Dublin

Not translating into Irish could see legal cases dismissed

Image: Four Courts, Dublin / Wikipedia Key legislation remains…
Animal names into different languages

Most Popular Animal Names in Different Languages

Animal Names in Different Languages Are you learning a new language?…
Irish Culture

Gaeltacht sees Irish in decline

Irish in Decline, Gaeltacht Irish is in swift decline and may…

How do you say Saint Patrick’s Day in Irish?

Learn to say Saint Patrick's Day in Irish How do you say Saint…
Irish Culture